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Camera Tips

Camera App: The Ultimate Guide

How do you use the built-in Camera app for iPhone and iPad to take amazing photos, panoramas, bursts, time-lapses, videos, slo-mos, and more? We'll show you!

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How to quickly edit and share photos and videos from the Camera app on iPhone and iPad

If you need to quickly edit or share your shots, don't waste time switching to the Photos app, do it right in Camera!

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How to lock focus, bias exposure, enable grid, and geo-locate with Camera for iPhone or iPad

Tap to focus, tap to balance, turn on grid lines, turn off geo-location β€” with the Camera app for iPhone and iPad, you can have your photos your way!

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How to take and share Live Photos on your iPhone or iPad

The idea of moving pictures isn't new. Any Harry Potter fan will tell you that. But thanks to Live Photos, everyone can now take and share them!

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How to take photos, selfies, bursts, and more with your iPhone or iPad

The Camera app isn't just for taking photos any more. Flash, HDR, timer, selfies, bursts, and more are all easily within your reach!

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How to record video with your iPhone or iPad

The Camera app can take video β€” up to 4K or 60fps! β€” but it can also take slow motion, time lapse, and more!

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How to quickly access the Camera on iPhone and iPad

The iPhone's camera takes great photos under a wide range of conditions, but you still need to have it in your hands, ready to shoot, whenever the need arises.

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How to shoot, trim, edit, and share 4K video on iPhone SE and 6s

The iPhone SE, 6s, and 6s Plus can shoot 4K video, or what works out to 2160p. Here's how to do it.

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Making the iPhone camera accessible for the blind

Someone who can't see may still want to share photos with family, friends, and connections who can. That's why offering a Camera app that's accessible to those with limited or no vision is so important. Everyone should have the option of taking pictures of the people and places that matter to them. And yes, in the age of social media, everyone should have the option of taking a selfie. That's the essence of inclusivity.

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How to replace the rear iSight camera in an iPhone 5c

If you're having issues with the rear iSight camera in your iPhone 5c, it's possible a replacement could fix the issue. A bad rear camera assembly could have many different symptoms. The most common is spots or purple haze showing up in photos. If the spot is always in the same place, the assembly is defective. If the shutter won't open or your Camera app freezes, that could also indicate a bad camera. Other symptoms include lines through photos, hazy or unfocused shots, and blacked out photos showing up in the Photos app. Luckily a camera replacement in the iPhone 5c isn't terribly difficult. We can walk you through how to get replacement parts and how to perform this relatively easy iPhone repair all on your own! The best part? It'll cost a fraction of what a new iPhone would cost!

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