Best answer: Amazon is going to be the best place to get the proper Zink paper for your Polaroid Snap due to Amazon Prime and the chance for some great deals.

Why buy from Amazon?

In truth, there are a few other places you can get the paper but Amazon is the place we recommend going to for a few reasons. If you're a Prime member you can, of course, take advantage of the 2-day (and sometimes even faster) free shipping in addition to getting discounted prices. Amazon also offers the paper in several different size packages, including some fun bundle packages, so you can get just the right amount for you.

What is Zink?

Zink Zero Ink technology is a method of printing photos and other things that use, you guessed it, zero ink. It's pretty cool how it all works. In the world of traditional printing, printers spit out ink in specific combinations of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black to make your color image.

Pretty much every office or desktop printer you have ever come across uses ink or toner to make the image. With ZINK, all the coloring is done with just the paper without any need for ink or toner. Every piece of ZIink paper contains billions of cyan, magenta, and yellow dye crystals that are arranged into the separate imaging layers which are placed between two outer layers with an inner layer separating the layers of crystals.

What happens when the images are printed is that a thermally controlled printhead applies enough heat at just the right intensity and duration to melt the exact right combinations of crystals to create the color needed for that part of the image. I know, I know, it sounds complicated but in theory it's quite simple. The colors cyan, magenta, and yellow can be combined to create millions of colors so it's just a matter of melting the right crystal combo to get the color you need for that set of pixels. This incredibly cool technology is what allows all those instant cameras to help you capture those perfect moments.

The paper

Polaroid Zink 2-by-3 inch paper

A new take

This Zink paper is the perfect fit for your Snap or SnapTouch camera. If you need to pick up some refills, Amazon is the best place to look. This pack comes with 30 sheets so you can print plenty of photos.

The camera

Polaroid Snap

Pictures in a snap

The Snap Instant camera offers a 10mp lens and Polaroid's famous instant print technology so you can instantly share all your special moments. You can print in three different color modes and you can save your pictures to a micro SD card if you don't want to print right away. You can get it in eight great colors to perfectly match your style.

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