Does the Kodak Mini Shot automatically print photos?

Best answer: No, the Kodak Mini Shot doesn't print photos automatically. You need to hit the print button before it will produce your photo. If you want an instant camera that does print automatically, check out the Kodak Printomatic.

The Kodak Mini Shot requires you to make a decision before you print

The Kodak Mini Shot has a print button right on the camera that you'll need to hit before it starts printing. Therefore, the Mini Shot doesn't start to print automatically once you take your photo.

However, there's a good reason for this: it allows you to choose a border for your photo using the Kodak Mini Shot app. Speaking of the app, you can also transfer the images you take with the Mini Shot over to your smartphone using the app before you print.

If you want a camera that prints instantly, check out the Kodak Printomatic

The Printomatic is Kodak's other instant camera, and it does print photos automatically. As soon as you take your photo, it starts printing. The process can be a bit slow on Zink paper, though, so the camera can hold up to three photos in its queue.

And while it doesn't connect to your smartphone, it has a microSD card slot that can hold up to 32GB of photos. These can then be offloaded to another device like a Mac or Windows PC or if you have the equipment, your mobile device.

Hit print

Kodak Mini Shot

This camera needs you to hit 'print'

The Kodak Mini Shot won't print your photos immediately after you take them, but you can hit print right away. You can also take your time to transfer your photo to your smartphone, or choose the border for your printed photo right on the camera.


Kodak Printomatic

Take your photo and watch it print.

Kodak's other instant camera, the Printomatic will automatically start printing as soon as you take your photo. The camera can hold up to three images at a time in its queue, though you can expand its storage capabilities with a microSD card.

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