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Apple end-of-lifes Cards app, tells you to switch to iPhoto instead

Announced back in October of 2011 alonsgside the iPhone 4S as an easy way create and mail custom letterpress cards personalized with your own text and photos, the Cards app for iOS has been sent to the shredder. Apple Knowledge Base:

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Cards vs. Ink Cards vs. Go Cards: Greeting card apps for iPhone shootout!

Sure, birthdays are year-round, the holidays are the busy season when it comes to cards. Why waste time getting some old-fashioned, cookie-cutter card from the corner store when you can make and send your own, personalized, perfect greeting card with an app from the App Store. Cards by Apple, Ink Cards by Sincerely Ink, and Go Cards by Hallmark all allow you to create and send greeting cards straight from your iPhone. But which one is best for the holidays, and best for you?

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Apple's Cards app for iPhone and iPad update lets you swap photos

Apple has released an updated to Cards, a card-creation app for iPhone and iPad. Now you can easily swap photos in templates that contain multiple photos. A few bugs have also been fixed.

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Send Mom a beautiful, custom letterpress card this Mother's Day with Cards for iPhone

Cards is Apple's iPhone app that allows you to create custom cards to be printed and mailed to friends and family. The recent update includes some cute templates for Mother's Day. Apple has added new cards in many of the other categories as well.

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Cards bug: Paypal users being asked for CVV

One of our readers has let us know that, as someone who has his iTunes set up with Paypal, he is unable to make purchases in Apple's new Cards app. When trying to give Apple his money,

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Apple's new Cards app hits the App Store

Apple has released their new Cards app which allows you to create physical cards personalized with your photos and text and mail them right from your phone.

I just tried it out, and within minutes, I created a card with my daughter's photo, added my own text, and ordered it to be shipped to my mom. I would like to see more card templates in the future, including some that are "just because". However, you can change the text to any of the templates and make it your own.

When I first learned about cards, I was indifferent about it because I didn't expect to use it much because I'm not the type of person who sends other people cards. However, now that sending a cards is so easy, and so personal, and so affordable. I think I'm going to start sending out more cards.

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Apple announces card printing app, Cards for iPhone

During Apple's Let's talk iPhone event, Apple announced their newest app, Cards. With Cards, users can create and order printed cards directly from their iPhone.

The cards will be made from 100% cotton paper, stamped with Apple-designed postage, and you will receive a push notification when the USPS delivery is complete.

The price of the cards will be $2.99 in the US and $4.99 everywhere else.

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