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Elegantly charge your iPhone and iPad with the Converge USB charging hub

The Converge USB charging hub from Think Geek is a fun, futon-inspired stand for your iPhone, iPod tour or iPad. Working on an Apple mobile blog like iMore means you start to amass a lot of Apple mobile devices and even if I'm only using an iPhone and an iPad every day, keeping them both charged in an easy, elegant way has proven to be more of a challenge than I originally imagined. Converge looks like a great way to do just that.

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Seidio Desktop Charging Cradle for iPhone 4 - accessory review

The Seidio Desktop Charging Cradle is exactly what its name implies, a docking and charging station for your iPhone.

In contrast to Apple's white dock, this cradle is matte black. It is very sturdy which allows you to easily use and tap on your iPhone without the risk of knocking it over. With dimensions at about 4"x2.5"x1", the Seidio Desktop Charging Cradle isn't tiny, but it isn't bulky either. The cradle connects to your computer via micro USB and iTunes does recognize when you dock your iPhone.

My favorite feature of this dock is that it is compatible with cases. There is a removable plate included with the cradle; this ensures that your iPhone fits properly in the dock regardless if you're using a case or not . I use an Apple Bumper on my iPhone 4, and it fits perfectly with the plate removed. If the plate is attached, my iPhone 4 fits nice and snug in its naked state. Although the Seidio Desktop Charging Cradle is advertised for the iPhone 4, I tested it with my 3GS, and it fit just fine with the plate accessory removed.

If you're looking for a charging dock for your iPhone, I recommend checking this one out. In addition to being a stylish way to charge my iPhone, I also enjoy having a slideshow display on it at the same time. The Seidio Desktop Charging Cradle is available in the TiPb Accessory Store.

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Orange Sound Charge t-shirt will charge your iPhone while you rock [video]

Orange has developed a t-shirt that also doubles as an iPhone charger. The t-shirt which is called the Orange Sound Charge is in a prototype phase at the moment. Extensive testing will be carried out at this year’s Glastonbury Festival.

The eco charging device uses an existing technology in a revolutionary way; by reversing the use of a product called Piezoelectric film, allowing people to charge their mobile phones whilst enjoying their favourite headline act at Glastonbury. Usually found in modern hi-fi speakers, an A4 panel of the modified film is housed inside a t-shirt which then acts much like an oversized microphone by ‘absorbing’ invisible sound pressure waves. These sound waves are converted via the compression of interlaced quartz crystals into an electrical charge, which is fed into an integral reservoir battery that in turn charges most makes and models of mobile phone. As the ‘device’ is worn, a steady charge is able to be dispensed into the phone via a simple interchangeable lead which fits most handsets.

Orange believe that a sound level of around 80dB (which is roughly the ambient noise level of a busy high street) could produce up to 6 watt hours of power. That should be enough to charge up your iPhone which needs 5 watts. The panel in the t-shirt is removable so unlike most festival attendees, you can wash your t-shirt if you need to! Take a look at the video after the break then let us know what you think in the comments!


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Griffin PowerJolt dual USB charger for iPhone - accessory review

The Griffin PowerJolt dual USB charger solves an age old problem: you and your significant other have both depleted the batteries on your iPhone and yet your car only offers one charging socket. Who gets to use it? Or worse: you're in the middle of that big family summer trip and not only have both parents worn down their iPhones, all the kids in the back are near empty on their iPod touches as well. Do you get your internet or do they get the movies that keep them quiet and you sane for the remainder of the trip?

While I can't claim the Griffin PowerJolt dual USB charger will save relationships and family trips, this simple adapter will at least hold power hungry creatures at bay for twice as long. Read on to find out how!

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mophie juicepak plus for iPhone 4 - battery charger review

The mophie juicepak plus for iPhone 4 is serious charging power for serious power users. If you're on the go, if your iPhone can't run down, won't run down -- if you need a case that can get you through twice the work and play, then here's your solution. To see how it held up for me under the rigors of CES 2011, read on for the review after the break!

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Griffin PowerJolt Plus for iPhone and iPad -- accessory review

The Griffin PowerJolt Plus means you never have to worry about running out of power for your iPhone AND iPad on the road ever again. You see, not only does it plug into your car's cigarette lighter (or any 12v accessory socket) to easily charge your iPhone but the back of the connector opens up to provide a second 12 volt socket that you could use, for example, to charge your iPad (or iPod touch, iPod, partner's iPhone, whatever!).

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Vapor case for iPhone 4 give-away!

The fine folks over at Element Case are offering up four (4) of their brand new iPhone 4 Vapor cases for TiPb readers. Machined from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum and anodized in brilliant color, Vapor is about the only thing that can make your iPhone 4 look even more like something out of a sci-fi flick.

The frames come in silver or black, the caps in black, silver, blue, yellow, red, and pink. If you're picked for the give-away, you get your choice of color combo.

But wait, there's more!

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Griffin PowerJolt Reserve Backup Battery for iPhone and iPod touch

The Griffin PowerJolt Reserve Backup Battery [$34.95 - iMore Store Link] is one nifty little iPhone/iPod touch accessory, One of the biggest gripes people have with Apple's iPhone is the lack of a removable battery. Sure you have some other battery charging options but if you don't want to be bothered carrying around cords or bulky cases then the PowerJolt Reserve just may be for you. Get the full rundown after the break!

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Seidio 3-in-1 Retractable Charger Reality Review

We have all been there. You know, our iPhone is about to die from a drained battery and no charge cable in sight. Well, the Seidio 3-in-1 Retractable Charger [$29.99 - iMore Store link] is here to change that. The Seidio charger gives you everything you need for any portable situation. You get a USB cable that actually snaps into place (I love that. Most cables I see these days don't actually snap in place, they just fit, but not securely) and the always capable wall charger and large grip-friendly car charger.

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mophie Juice Pack Air for Power Hungry iPhone Users

mophie Juice Pack Air [$79.96 - iMore Store link] is the newer, sleeker model in town. We've tried out several battery extenders here on TiPb, and I've tried quite a few personally, but like the grail we keep looking for longer, better, and stronger power. Did I find it with the Juice Pack Air?

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