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Apple reportedly working on new display tech at Taiwanese lab

Apple is reportedly working on new display technology at a "secret" lab in Taiwan opened earlier this year.

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Apple acknowledges MacBook Pro anti-reflective coating issues, will replace screens of those affected

Apple will begin replacing screens on select MacBook Pro units where customers had their anti-reflective coating peel off. This replacement will not be made public by Apple, but those affected can contact Apple to see if they are eligible for a replacement display.

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Stunning iPhone 6 display result of improved glass bonding

What makes the iPhone 6's display striking is that Apple has improved the application for bonding the glass to the display from the last generation iPhone 5s. The latest report examines the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6 displays under a microscope and finds that the iPhone 6 looks more pleasing because the display is closer to the glass. In turn, this results in a screen that's more vibrant with deeper blacks and better contrast.

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Want a 4K display for your Mac? Here are your options!

More Macs are supporting external 4K displays than ever before. Here's a roundup of some Mac-compatible displays you can use if you'd like to expand your Mac's desktop real estate in leaps and bounds. I've also provided some details about 4K display support on specific Mac models, to help guide your decision-making, because 4K displays are still a really significant investment.

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iPhone 6 rumored to have larger, 1704 x 960 display

A new report indicates that Apple's testing of a larger iPhone 6 display has included a 1704x960 resolution screen. The current iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c have 4-inch 1136x640 displays, and the larger iPhone 6 at this rumored resolution would both have an even-sharper screen and make updating of apps an easier task. As is typical of Apple, the 1704x960 resolution was chosen quite deliberately.

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Apple acquires micro-LED display company LuxVue Technologies

Apple has apparently acquired LuxVue Technologies, a company focused on developing micro-LED displays. LuxVue, which until now has maintained a low profile, last year filed for several patents regarding micro-LED technologies. One investor in the company claimed that the company had achieved a "technical breakthrough" in display technology. While Apple did not outright confirm the purchase, when asked, they responded that Apple buys smaller companies regularly, and doesn't go into details on their plans.

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LG to introduce new Mac Pro-compatible 31-inch 4K ultra-widescreen in January

LG plans to introduce its first 4K monitor next month at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The new display will sport a Mac Pro-compatible Thunderbolt 2 interface and an unusually wide aspect ratio, according to Engadget.

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Apple rumored to be testing Touch on Display screen tech for next iPhone

Apple is rumored to be testing a new screen technology for the next iPhone, manufactured by Innolux, called “Touch on Display”. It's said to be both thin a durable, and could potentially fix problems that have been associated with the current in-cell technology, namely buggy touch responsiveness when swiping at extreme angles.

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Apple rumored to be working on an iPad mini with a higher resolution display and a significantly lighter new iPad

Of course Apple is already working on a new iPad mini with a higher resolution screen, and a full-sized iPad that will be thinner. Apple is always working on better, next generation versions of their devices. However, if you want to scratch "supposedly said so by sources in the supply-chain" off your rumor list, now you can.

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Samsung will stop selling displays to Apple next year

Samsung Display has announced that they will be ending their display contract with Apple and will no longer supply LCD panels starting next year. Lower margins on Apple devices are said to be a primary reason for the split. Apple has long used Samsung displays for their iOS devices, and in the first part of this year, Samsung Display shipped 15 million LCDs to Apple, their single largest supplier of displays. However, they shipped less than 3 million displays to Apple in the last quarter, and are reportedly not providing any panels for the iPad mini.

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