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Everpurse Mini iPhone charging wallet available for pre-order

The Mini by Everpurse is a large sized wallet that includes a built-in, in-line charger for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5. Simply pop it up, pop your iPhone in, and you're off an charging. The original Everpurse was much bigger and hid the iPhone charger in a pocket. This one is small and anything but hides the iPhone. Whether that sounds like the best or dumbest idea ever will depend entirely on how you see the convergence of fashion and technology.

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Everpurse arrives on Kickstarter, brings wireless iPhone charging to your purse

The Everpurse has arrived on Kickstarter and it is a seriously really interesting project that may well have huge potential. The Everpurse is a wirelessly rechargeable purse that can power your iPhone just by slipping it into a pocket inside of the purse. The confusing part is to how it actually charges the iPhone. It appears that it is doing it wirelessly however it is more likely that the pocket inside of the purse has a dock connector at the bottom that the iPhone slots into easily due to the size of the pocket.

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