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Force Quit

How to kill or force quit apps on your iPhone or iPad

Some apps—especially the Facebook, Skypes, and big media apps of the world—don't always behave well on iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. When and if that happens, you can force them to quit.

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How to force quit apps on the Apple Watch

How do you force an Apple Watch app to quit and restart? Here's the button combo!

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How to rearrange, force quit, and delete apps on the Apple TV

Here's how to move apps to your Top Shelf, force quit problematic apps, and delete third-party apps taking up extra space.

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How to quit and kill (force quit) apps in iOS 7

From iOS 4 to iOS 6 you killed apps (force quit) apps by double clicking the Home button, holding down on the icons in the fast app switcher tray until they jiggled, and then tapped the X to shut them down. Now there's not fast app switcher any more, there a card view, and holding down creates no jiggles and presents no X. So how do you kill apps in the new, carded, iOS 7 world?

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Why Apple Geniuses sometimes tell people to kill all their apps

A little over a year ago I wrote a rather controversial editorial stating that iOS users don't ever need to kill all the apps in their multitasking dock (fast app switcher). Earlier this year the subject was brought back to the spotlight, with other developers and bloggers reaching pretty much the same conclusion.

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Reminder: You really don't need to manually manage apps for iPhone or iPad

About a year ago I wrote a post explaining why you don't have to kill multitasking apps in iOS. iOS 4 had been introduced, bringing multitasking to iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, and because Apple added the ability to jiggle and close them in the fast app switcher, some users decided to do just that. All. The. Time.

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No, you don't need to kill all apps on your iPhone or iPad

One of the most frequent questions we're getting these days is how to close all apps at once -- basically how to force quit or kill every app from the new multitasking/fast app switcher dock Apple introduced in iOS 4 for iPhone and iPod touch and iOS 4.2 for iPad.

The short answer is you don't need to. Really. If you've been worried about it, relax. It's all good.

For the long answer, read on after the break!

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iOS 4 features: Background app killing

iOS 4's new fast app switcher interface also allows you to kill both Apple and 3rd party App Store apps that may be causing problems in the background.

To access the fast app switcher in iOS 4, double click the home button on iPhone 4 iPhone 3GS, or iPod touch G3. The interface will slide up and reveal a second dock-like set of app icons "in the background". To kill an app, tap and hold the app until the icons begin to jiggle, then tap the minus symbol (-) at the top left corner. The app will then disappear, "deleted" from the background dock (but not from your iPhone or iPod).

This force quiwill do a couple of different things depending on the type of app.

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How To: Force Quit in iPhone 3.0

With iPhone 1.x and 2.x, you could hold down the Home button to "force quit" an application (kill the process) and return to the Home Screen. With iPhone 3.0, however, holding down the Home button now activates Voice Control on the iPhone 3G S.

So, how do you Force Quit under iPhone 3.0? iPhonejunkie3 provides the answer (via EverythingiCafe):

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How To: Free Up Resources on Your iPhone With Force Quit

UPDATE: Force Quit has changed in iPhone 3.0. Check out our new how-to!

Those of us who rock Mac OS X know all about the "Force Quit". For Windows users, think killing an application via Task Manager. They're both ways to shut down non-responsive or otherwise rogue applications from freezing us out or just slowing us down. For iPhone users, well, we don't have to worry about that, do we? (Remember Apple mocking Windows Mobile for multitask management?)

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