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Why Google is seen as invulnerable and Apple as merely hard to kill

Though it may slowly be changing, Google has enjoyed incredibly good public and market sentiment for the last few years while Apple has seen itself beset by doomsayers. Horace Dediu has taken a crack at explaining just why that is, and why it might not be entirely bad for Apple. Asymco:

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Did Google buying Nest make it a rage quit... or must get? [Poll]

What does Google buying Nest mean to you?

Earlier this week Google bought Nest for a stupefying $3.2 billion dollars, and reaction to the deal has been extreme to say the least. We saw some members of the tech community vow to rip their existing Nests from wall, stomp them into bits, and never do business with them again. We saw Apple's Phil Schiller unfollowing Tony Fadell. Yet we also saw our own Phil Nickinson and Kevin Michaluk raced out to buy Nests and get them installed. So what's to be made of all this?

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Google Play Movies & TV for iOS review: It's here, but it's not that good

When it rains, it pours. Or so it seems with Google of late and its provision of services to iOS users. It all started at D11 way back in May 2013, with a promise – and much delayed delivery – of Google Play Music heading our way. Now, quietly, Google has dropped another of its major content service our way in Google Play Movies & TV. Not the sleekest name, but once again the iPhone and iPad continues to shine as a choice for content junkies.

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Google Now breaking free of mobile, headed to Mac and Windows

Google Now is a pretty impressive mobile tool – perhaps still more so on Android than iOS – and it looks like its also headed to the desktop as well. In a new release of the Canary build of Google Chrome for Mac and Windows, the familiar cards based notification system is present. Canary is the developer version of Chrome, so it's not for everyone, but if you want to take a look, you'll need to enable it.

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Google cutting data usage and translating the web with Chrome for iOS

Google Chrome, one of the better alternative iOS browsers available, is about to get some pretty nifty new features in the latest release; Data compression, and Translate.

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Google Play Movies & TV is now... on iPhone and iPad!

Why we fear Google

Companies are predators, like wolves or wildcats or snakes; it's their nature to bite, and we know that when we pick up their products and services. I don't mean that to sound overly dramatic. Just like when I riff on "any company sufficiently large is indistinguishable from evil", it's meant as a reminder mostly to myself. The bigger they are, the smaller the chance they can act in the best interests of all of their customers, all of the time. That means, inevitably, some of the time it'll be my best interests they're acting against. Some of the time it'll be my favorite app that gets gutted or pulled, my most important service that gets compromised or killed, my personal data that gets misused or abused. We know that, all of us, because we've all experienced it. It's why we get nervous when big companies move quickly or do anything unexpected. Most recently, it's why the internet projected collective angst when Google bought Nest.

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Google grabs Nest in $3.2 billion deal; former iPod boss Fadell to stay in charge

Google has acquired Nest, the company behind the Nest learning thermostat, as well as the Protect, a smart smoke detector, for $3.2 billion. Nest will continue to exist as its own distinct brand within Google, much like Motorola, and will still be run by current CEO Tony Fadell.

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Picasa for Mac gets new Google+ Auto Backup application

If you're using Google's Picasa photo application for Mac – and Windows – then the latest update will bring you a new, Google+ Auto Backup application. It works much like the feature does on mobile; unlimited uploads to your Google Drive at 2048px wide, or full resolution backups as your storage allows.

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Google Play Music gets an iOS 7 flavored update, adds 'I'm feeling lucky' radio

The pre-holiday app updates continue to roll, with Google pushing out another this time for its Google Play Music app for iPhone. It crosses off the list one of our early frustrations with the app, since it now has proper iOS 7 optimization. That's not all either, with the addition of some new music features like the 'I'm feeling lucky' radio option.

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