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Viber calling and messaging service hacked, 200 million phone numbers, IDs, IP addresses potentially compromised

Following just days after Tango's servers were compromised, the Syrian Electronic Army(SEA) has hacked another calling and messaging service, Viber. E Hacking News is reporting that this time SEA was able to acquire a partial database backup containing phone numbers, UDIDs (Viber generated, not Apple UDIDs) and IP addresses, among other user information for some of Viber's more than 200 million subscribers.

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Twitter hacked, 250,000 passwords compromised

Twitter has informed users that their service had been hacked and that 250,000 usernames, email addresses, session tokens, and encrypted/salted passwords had been compromised. According to Twitter's director of information security, Bob Lord, who posted on blog.twitter.com:

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iPod nano Jailbreak: Movies, Calendar Events, and Passcode Lock coming soon?

Developer and hacker, James Whelton has managed to "Jailbreak" the iPod nano, getting past its cache comparison and installing a rather simple tweak that can remove default apps and replace them with 'blank spaces' on the nano's springboard. This can open up the iPod Nano to more hacks and mods from other hackers, including the ability to potentially view Movies or TV Shows, set Calendar Events and set a passcode lock.

Whelton pointed out some hidden strings that he discovered in the iPod nano OS as well.

Next is the discovery in some of the device’s plists of reference to support of Movies, TV Shows, Apps, Games, vCards, Calender events and so on, with a few other cool things like a passcode lock. With the bypass I figured out, I hope to enable these pretty soon. It seems like the OS is a rehashed version of the previous nano’s OS.

Details on how to jailbreak the iPod nano are said to be released in a few days. It'll be interesting to see what Team Jailbreak will do with the newly hacked Nano. Would you want Movies and TV Shows on such a small screen? Are there any particular mods you would like on the sixth-gen nano?

Check below for a video of the hack in action.


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MobileMe Hackery: Salma Hayek Edition

Lately all has been quiet in regards to Apple's MobileMe service and shady activities. In the past we've told you about a few separate cases of phishing scams going around. Well today we've heard that Oscar nominated actress, Salma Hayek's account has been hacked.

Honestly, this is something that is really not that difficult to do, especially depending on how much information you have about a person. Sarah Palin's Yahoo! account was famously hacked last year using information from Wikipedia, as have several other celebrities.

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