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Hands on with Polk Audio UltraFit sports headphones -- and a trampoline

With their new UltraFit line of sports headphones for iPhone, iPad, iPod and other devices, Polk Audio is really putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to their SecureFit, "stays in place" promise. Rather, they're putting Olympic-calibur athletes on a trampoline smack-dab in the middle of Macworld 2012.

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Apple investigating iPhone issues with Monster-branded headphones

It appears as if Apple is looking into an issue between the iPhone/iPod and Monster brand headphones. According to an anonymous tipster who contacted Engadget, Apple has informed their customer service workers of issues that are occurring between Monster headphones that utilize integrated microphones and controls.

The rumored memo to employees reads as follow:

Several Monster headphone models using Apple's Remote and Mic technology do not meet Apple's technical specifications. These headphones use conductive flanges, which can result in electrical shorts that can cause an iPod or iPhone to pause and play erratically. Customers may not be aware that the issue is caused by the headphones and may believe that the iPod or iPhone is defective instead. There are no known safety concerns and no known risk of damage to the iPod/iPhone or headphones.

Symptoms of the issue are random pauses and playing and skipping forward or backwards of tracks. There is a list after the break which indicates the affected models (the current model Apple sells in their retail stores is not listed).

Are you having this issue with your Monster headphones? Let us know your take on this apparent problem in the comments below.

[ Engadget ]

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Motorola MOTOROKR S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones for iPhone 3GS & iPhone 3G

The Motorola MOTOROKR S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones [$49.95 - iMore Store link] for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G are great for enjoying your music on the go. Whether you're on your daily jog or spending some time in the gym, these headphones are the perfect fit that will not hurt your wallet.

Read more after the break!

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Apple Stealth-Updates Premium In-Ear Headset for iPhone 3GS

Apple has stealthily updated their premium in-ear headset with remote and mic. What exactly did they update? Well nothing major but it's an update regardless - they replaced the soft rubber 3.5 mm headphone plug casing with a hard plastic one. So now instead of the soft rubber falling off we will now start to see the hard plastic replacement crack. ;)

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iPhone 3G S (Finally!) Supports Full Apple Headset Remote Features

iPhone 3G S comes with typical shiny white Apple headset buds, but for the first time these earbuds sport the new "remote", which includes volume controls and more.

Apple previously introduced iin-ear headsets with remote and mic for the second generation iPod touch (and aluminum MacBooks) in September 2008, but clearly labeled them as not-compatible with the iPhone 2G or iPhone 3G because the "remote" part was useless.

What a different a generation makes.

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Review: v-moda vibe duo In-Ear Headphones w/ Mic

The v-moda vibe duo In-Ear Headphones w/ Mic, available in the iMore Store for $99.95, are compatible with the iPhone 3G, iPhone 2G, iPod Touch, and iPod Touch 2G. In a sea of headphones ranging from the very inexpensive to the absurdly expensive, v-moda has found a nice middle ground in price without compromising quality. The design is stylish and the performance is above-average. Keep reading for the full, detailed review!

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Apple's New In-Ear Headphones Now Available to Order

For those of you waiting for Apple's new headphones, the patience you have displayed for the past 3 months has paid off. The day is finally here and you can now place your order.


blockquote>Hear every detail of your music every time you tune in with the Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic. They offer pro audio performance and impressive sound isolation, and convenient buttons let you adjust the volume and control music and video playback.

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Apple's New In-Ear Headphones to Begin Shipping Soon

It looks like Apple's new in-ear headset will begin shipping any day now, according to what Macrumors is reporting. Yesterday Apple end-of-life'd the old headphones which simply means they will no longer be shipping them to resellers and when that happens, it generally means the new product is on it's way.

In case you missed the announcement of these new headphones, here's the deal:


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Tips and How To's: Using Headphone Button

Usually I use my iPod Nano for my music needs, but it's sure nice to have music on my iPhone also. The new headphones provided with the iPhone 3G has a built-in mic and a "clicker" button to give you some modest control over your music without having to access the touchscreen on your iPhone. How does all this clicking work? Read on!

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Review: Smartphone Experts 2-in-1 Earphones w/ Handsfree for iPhone

The Smartphone Experts 2-in-1 Earphones w/ Handsfree for iPhone, available here for only $7.95 at your friendly neighborhood Phone different Store, prove that you don't have to pay big bucks for top drawer functionality.  These earphones just may be the ticket if you're on a budget.  Keep reading for my review!

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