Sony’s best budget headphones are all discounted for Amazon Prime Big Deal Days

Sony headphones deals
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Amazon Prime Big Deal Days is the perfect time to buy all sorts of devices. But we often find that during Amazon's Prime events headphones tend to get the biggest discounts.

Although lots of tech is reduced, we’ve spotted three Sony headphones deals that are well worth grabbing. Not only are there significant reductions here, but all of these headphones are budget already, which means you’re getting fantastic quality for cheaper than ever.

The good news is that whatever you’re looking for, there really is a style to suit everyone who’s keen to find a Sony bargain over the Prime Big Deal Days event.

If you want a reliable pair of over-ear headphones that are sleek and sound great for their price, check out the Sony WH-CH520 headphones. These over-ears were already excellent value, but now they’re only $38 after a $12 reduction. 

If you’re looking for true wireless earbuds that are noise-cancelling instead, keeping sounds from the outside world out so you can focus on your music, the Sony WF-C700N earbuds are a fantastic choice. They’ve had a huge $40 reduction and are now under $100 at only $88.

For something a little different, take a look at the Sony Linkbuds. These true wireless earbuds have what Sony calls an “open ring” design. This means they don’t sit inside your ears but just outside them, allowing you to hear your music and some ambient noise around you. This is great if you need to stay vaguely aware of your surroundings.

Why should you buy Sony headphones?

Sony WH-CH520 |$50$38 at Amazon

Sony WH-CH520 | $50 $38 at Amazon

A reliable pair of over-ears from Sony that boast a comfortable fit and a 50-hour battery life along with quick charging. There's 360 Reality Audio compatibility and multi-point pairing, too.

Sony LinkBuds |$168$128 at Amazon

Sony LinkBuds | $168 $128 at Amazon

These ultra-light true wireless earbuds have a range of ear tips to fit even the smallest of ears. They have an "open ring" style, designed to allow you to hear ambient sound around you. 

Sony WF-C700N |$128$88 at Amazon

Sony WF-C700N | $128 $88 at Amazon

A comfortable and simple-looking pair of true wireless earbuds that boast noise cancellation, exceptional sound, 15 hours of battery life with quick charging, and multi-point pairing.

What makes Sony headphones so great? Good question. Sony headphones, whether we’re talking in-ear, on-ear or over-ear, tend to top the best headphones and best noise-cancelling headphones lists wherever you look.

There’s no single reason why that is, but obviously Sony is a leader in the audio tech space. Which means all of these headphones genuinely sound great – even the budget ones. 

Another key selling point of Sony headphones is they tick a lot of boxes. What we mean is they don’t tend to sound good, but they come in a comfortable, minimal design, offer lots of added features and are generally easy and intuitive to begin using straight out of the box.

Many of the best Sony headphones also have noise-cancelling tech built-in, which means they’ll wrap you up in an immersive cocoon of sound and keep noises from the outside world silenced – or at least significantly reduced. 

Among the discounted Sony headphones we’re highlighting here, only the in-ear model, the Sony WF-C700N, boast noise-cancelling tech. However, the Sony WH-CH520 will block out some of the noise around you, but not because they’ve got ANC tech onboard, just because they fit well. 

In contrast, the Sony Linkbuds are a different proposition altogether, bringing you sound and some ambient awareness. A great idea if you want earbuds for running or you need to listen out for colleagues or kids as you’re working. 

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