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iPhone 5s vs. HTC One M8: Camera shootout!

The iPhone 5s and the HTC One M8 arguably have two of the best smartphone cameras on the market. Sure the iPhone is 6 months old and the HTC One is brand new, but until Apple releases an iPhone 6, these are devices we have to choose from right now. The HTC One M8 tosses conventional megapixels aside in favor of UltraPixels, which is a fancy way of saying they suck in a lot of light. The iPhone 5s' iSight camera has smaller pixels, but twice as many. Even though both of them look great on paper, how they perform in the real world is what really matters. That's why we're putting the iPhone 5s and HTC One M8 head-to-head, camera-to-camera, in a full-on, in depth, photography shootout. So, which smartphone camera reigns supreme?

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HTC One review (M8) - is this the Android phone that tempts you away from iOS?

Mobile Nations' own Phil Nickinson, Android Central's editor in chief, has put the newly announced HTC One (M8) through its paces. It's no iPhone killer, but the new HTC One has some really nice features, including a big screen that's sure to be the envy of some Apple customers who are getting tired of the smaller iPhone.

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The new HTC One (M8) and the iPhone 5s

If you want an aluminum phone, you've come to the right place. The iPhone is no stranger to metal, of course. (And presumably it'll stay that course with the iPhone 6 later this year.) But today, Android smartphone manufacturer HTC announced its newest flagship with an old name — the HTC One. Like last year's version, this one's also milled from a single piece of aluminum. High-end smartphones, both.

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HTC proves gold is best with new Champagne colored One

Gold is best, we're already pretty confident of that and now the iPhone 5s has a proper competitor in the gold space. HTC has today unveiled this, a champagne gold version of the One, a similarly colored metal phone to the iPhone. Underneath it's still a HTC One, but since the gold iPhone 5s was so tough to get hold of, maybe HTC will be hoping to win a few folks over.

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iPhone 5s vs HTC One; the gold phone shootout!

Apple's gold iPhone 5s is selling like hotcakes, but over on the Android side, HTC has gone one better and made an extremely limited edition version of the HTC One. Made with actual, real, 18 carat gold. The iPhone 5s is just a regular iPhone with a different colored anodization on the back, but HTC has plated the One with actual gold, in a special collaboration with the MOBO awards. And they're only making five.

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Apple iPhone 5s vs. HTC One: Which phone should you get?

The iPhone 5s is the latest, greatest new handset from Apple, and while the HTC One may not be the latest Android handset on the market, by many accounts, it's still the greatest. Unlike many of its Android competitors, it has build quality to rival Apple's, including a similar penchant for aluminium, but also the very Android-like (and not very Apple-like) big screen to go with it. HTC has a reputation for pushing specs to the limit, while Apple has a reputation for pushing experience over specs. Both are fantastic, but the question is - which is the more fantastic for you?

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You can now get the best Samsung and HTC phones on the market with 100% less Samsung and HTC software... (Something something iPhone)

While we're still waiting on a 2013 iPhone 5s, Android Central has already gotten the second versions of both their flagship Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One only this time without any trace of Samsung or HTC software. That's right, these are "Google Editions" and that means they come with stock Android Jelly Bean. Phil Nickinson took a first look at the Google Play editions HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 and here's his take away:

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Is the best Google phone the HTC One... or the iPhone 5?

The incredibly smart and well groomed folks over at Android Central have done their typically masterful job distilling down the current crop of flagships and picking their favorite Android phone of bunch -- the HTC One. But is the iPhone 5 even better for Google users?

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Switching back to the iPhone 5: Why the HTC One grass wasn't greener

Of all the recently launched phones, the HTC One is perhaps the one that's most desirable to iPhone users, what with its Apple-like use of aluminum, and its beyond Retina display. It shares much that makes the iPhone so popular -- fantastic design, exceptional hardware, and incredible build quality. That might be why Android Central Forums member fettym took a leap of faith, put down the iPhone 5, and went off to try the HTC One. Two weeks later, however, and fettym is back on the iPhone 5. According to the post on Android Central Forums, here's why:

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