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Htc Touch Hd

Super iClone Fun: HTC Touch HD vs. iPhone 3G Video

Okay, well, only for the first few seconds at the very beginning when Dieter proves HTC pretty much made a point of matching the iPhone 3G form factor exactly. Same height. Same width. Same depth. Of course, it's plastic resistive screen isn't the same as the glass capacitive screen of the iPhone -- it's 800x480! (Compared to the iPhone's 480x320), and it packs an auto-focus 5 megapixel camera... (Along with TouchFlo 3D, about which we've done video all our own...)

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Setback of the iSuperClones: HTC Touch HD NOT Coming to the US?

WMExperts just relayed the following: looks like HTC won't be releasing the Touch HD in the US. What kind of illogical, inexplicable, incomprehensible BS is this?

sad news, US. we looked into it- by the time we could bring Touch HD to the states, it would be old news. we do have other cool stuff coming

Shenanigans, we call! They have like 37 other Touch sub-brands landing on earth (and who knows what other planets!), and this was the one device we hoped would really push Apple -- in its biggest market -- to ramp up the screen size and media playback abilities of the iPhone for rev 3.

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Today on the Forums: Got 3G Signal Strength? And How Do You Surf the Net?

Today on the forums we have a few good topics we would encourage you to check out.

First up, is Apple giving us the run around regarding 3G signal strength in firmware 2.1?

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Attack of the iClones: HTC Touch HD Edition

Confession: My secret, innermost desire for the iPhone 3G was a 420p display. I knew Apple wouldn't do it yet -- there was nothing in their simultaneously released SDK to support any other resolutions -- but still... I wants-ded it!

Imagine my fanboy chagrin, then, when HTC goes and not only makes a device in exactly the same dimensions as the iPhone 3G (obvious much?), but slaps a monstrous 800x480 display on the beast! (Not to mention a 5(!) megapixel camera)

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