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Blog vs. Blog: Is Steve Leaving Apple? Giz Says Yes! DF Says Nope!

During Tuesday's "Spotlight on Notebooks" Keynote, Steve Jobs wasn't the only jean-and-dark-shirt uniformed Apple exec on stage. COO Time Cook took an unusual turn, discussing Mac business. SVP of Design, Jonathan Ive, an even more unusual presence in front of the audience, introduced the new "brick" unibody concept. And Marketing VP Phil Schiller -- who's no stranger to Keynotes -- took part in the Q&A at the end.

It wasn't all Steve, all the time.

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Steve Jobs Not Dead! (But Might Kill Bloomberg News...)

Wow. Anyone remember what Steve Jobs did to the New York Times when they merely inquired about his health? Imagine what he'll do to those poor fools at Bloomberg's who just accidentally published -- and then rapidly retracted -- his obituary. (Our guess? 9-finger Wu-Shi death touch, minimum).

According to Gawker, the obit-fart:

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Kevin Rose: AT&T Has to Clear Firmware Updates + Dvorak on Malicious Health Rumors

One of the most important aspects of the iPhone is how it's breathed the air of change into long stodgy, backwards thinking mobile cellular providers. We can argue whether its been less effective post iPhone 3G where subsidies have returned, but either way Apple fairly neatly removed the carrier middleman from its usual intrusive position in the smartphone space. App Store is clearly the crowning example thus far, but frequent firmware updates is sometimes likewise cited.

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