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Apple TV adds even more channels, including Disney, Weather, Smithsonian

In addition to the launch of the Vevo app on the Apple TV this morning, a few other notable apps have appeared on the device as well, including two Disney channels. The Disney Channel, Disney XD, The Weather Channel, and the Smithsonian Channel have all arrived on the Apple TV. The Smithsonian Channel and The Weather Channel both give you access to on demand conent. The Weather Channel also allows you to enter your location to see your local forecast.

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Apple TV update adds HBO Go, WatchESPN, and more

The Apple TV has been updated with access to five new content services, including premium cable broadcaster HBO, sports content from ESPN, Britain's Sky News service, concert film and music documentary service Qello and anime service Crunchyroll.

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Apple reportedly in talks with cable companies regarding live TV for Apple set-top box

Aside from a full-on Apple television, one of the longest running rumors in Apple living-room land is a deal with cable companies and/or broadcast networks for the right to air traditional cable programming on an Apple TV or similar set-top box. However, television is notoriously myopic and future-averse, and Apple has previously sought to disrupt rather than engage their business. But that might be changing.

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