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What the F$*# is Kulkorest and how do I get rid of it?!

Help! My Mac has a mind of its own and I think its called Kulkorest!

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Newly discovered YiSpecter malware affecting iPhone and iPad in Asia

Malicious software has been loaded on iPhones and iPads, affecting those mostly located in China and Taiwan. The YiSpecter malware was spotted by Palo Alto Networks, who detected the software appearing from a China-based advertising company.

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iOS apps are secure — it's 'security' advertorials that remain a threat

Another day, another CEO from a "security software" company pens a "guest editorial" saying Apple needs to open up to — guess what? — "security software".

Just like the last time, the premise is self-serving, the headline spit-take inducing, and it's absolutely not worth rewarding negative attention seeking with attention. But because every time something like this posted, we get contacted by concerned readers, some of the fear-mongering needs to once again be addressed.

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Malware protection for older Macs

Some anti-malware software only supports newer versions of OS X. If you're running an older Mac, use this instead.

Some folks aren't comfortable upgrading their Macs' operating systems, and continue to use versions that aren't well-supported by new software. Fortunately there's still a solution for Macs running OS X Snow Leopard.

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Do I need Mac anti-virus software?

The Mac has grown popular enough that nefarious hackers are paying attention. Do you need anti-virus software?

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Got adware problems? Blame free software download sites

Mac adware is bad. Windows is worse. Who's to blame? Free software download sites.

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No, Apple doesn't need to 'open up' to malware fear-mongers

Earlier this week the CEO of an anti-virus company wrote a "guest editorial" on a popular technology website, saying it was time for Apple to "open up" and — wait for it — allow anti-virus software on the iPhone and iPad. The premise is self-serving and the headline spit-take inducing, and it's absolutely not worth rewarding negative attention seeking with attention. However, it is important to address the fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) the "guest editorial" is trying to spread.

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Apple's malware definitions updated to protect Macs against iWorm

Apple has updated its malware definitions for OS X so as to defend Macs against a botnet that allowed a piece of malware called Mac.BackDoor.iWorm to install on systems. iWorm had made its way onto 17,000 machines by the time it was disclosed last week. Once on a user's system, the malware could install other pieces of malware, in addition to stealing sensitive data. Apple has now taken steps to protect its users from iWorm, according to MacRumors:

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'BadUSB' malware highlights the danger of plugging random mystery drives into your computer

Another day, another apocalyptic prognostication of computer security doom, this time focusing on the omnipresent USB connection. It's called 'BadUSB', and it's a malware proof-of-concept created by security researchers Karsten Nohl and Jakob Lell that exploits a flaw in and resides in the firmware that controls the basic function of USB devices. The researchers claim that it's not a problem that can be patched, saying that they're "exploiting the very way that USB is designed," but in the end all they've done is highlight that you shouldn't go around plugging USB drives, devices, or whatnot that you don't trust into your computer.

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Older Mac webcams can spy on you, but don't tape yours over until you read this

Two researchers at Johns Hopkins University published a paper that has recently been widely reported throughout the Mac blogosphere. They claim to have been able to hack the webcam on older MacBook and iMac computers so the camera worked without activating the green LED. Don't tape over your webcam yet, though. I've had a look over the paper, and it's not as bad as you might think.

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