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Microsoft's latest iPhone app makes your selfies better with one just one tap

Microsoft has launched a new iPhone app called simply Microsoft Selfie. It's been created to help people take selfie photos and make them better with just one click with a variety of variables like skin tone, lighting and more taken into account automatically.

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OneDrive for iPhone and iPad adds offline file support and Spotlight Search for iOS 9

Microsoft has updated its OneDrive app for the iPhone and iPad. The new version allows users of the company's cloud storage service to keep files while they are offline, along with Spotlight Search support for iOS 9 users.

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Microsoft Translator can now translate voice conversations in seven languages

Microsoft has updated its Translator app, adding in support for voice conversations in seven languages: Chinese Mandarin, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

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Microsoft's Cortana officially launches on the iPhone to compete with Siri

Microsoft has officially launched Cortana, its digital assistant app, for the iPhone in the US and China. The app has been in closed beta testing for some time and allows users to share information on their PC like their schedule, contacts, reminders and more on their iPhone.

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Early version of Cortana for iPhone reportedly available for some beta testers

A new report says that some beta testers are now able to download and try out Microsoft's upcoming iPhone version of its Cortana digital assistant.

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Microsoft's new iPhone app, Forum, wants to give employees a chance to state their opinion

Microsoft's latest iPhone app from their Garage division, Forum, is now available in the App Store. It's been made for businesses to give their employees a way to give their opinions on topics, participate in Q&As with their leaders and more.

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Outlook for iPhone and iPad rolls out a new look based on Sunrise

Microsoft is rolling out a new update for its Outlook email and calendar app for the iPhone and iPad. It incorporates several design features from the Sunrise app that Microsoft acquires several months ago. Microsoft says the stand-alone Sunrise app itself will be discontinued at some point.

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Microsoft's Twist app for iPhone combines photo mashups with messaging

Microsoft has released yet another app from its Garage division for the iPhone called Twist. It offers a new way to communicate with friends by allowing them to mash up two pictures and putting in funny captions.

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Microsoft introduces new Lumia phones, Surface hybrids, and more!

Microsoft, the world's most famous software company, has gone all-in on hardware. At least that's the impression you get from their event. And credit where it's due: For anyone exhausted by the constant me-too devices from other vendors, like with the original Lumia and Surface, Microsoft is continuing to do interesting things. Whether they ultimately succeed or fail—and none of their devices have had an easy time of late—the ideas themselves are novel and can help move the market forward.

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Microsoft's Invite app for the iPhone makes it easier to organize meetings

Microsoft has released a new app for the iPhone called Invite. The app, launched as part of the Microsoft Garage program, is designed so that users can organise meetings faster and easier on a smartphone.

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