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Nintendo Switch shows they still don't get mobile gaming

The Nintendo Switch is an adventurous new gaming console, but conceptually flawed in a number of ways. They're still having a hard time figuring out how people play outside the home, it seems.

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Nintendo is thinking about making game controllers for smartphones and tablets

Nintendo executive Shinya Takahashi stated recently that it's possible the video game developer could create controllers for smartphones and tablets.

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Nintendo's upcoming Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem titles will be freemium games

Nintendo will release Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem on phones for free, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal.

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Nintendo has Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem lined up for smartphones

Nintendo has announced that two franchises will be brought to smartphones. Both Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem were revealed during the company's earnings call.

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Nintendo Miitomo Game Guide: Make friends and play dress up!

Wondering what all this Miitomo talk is all about? We spent the day with our Mii and have some answers for you.

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Miitomo, Nintendo's first smartphone app, launches in select markets on March 31

After launching in Japan earlier this month, Nintendo will release Miitomo, its first smartphone app, in the U.S. and select European markets on Thursday, March 31

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Nintendo's first smartphone app, Miitomo, will launch in Japan on March 17

Nintendo will launch its first smartphone app, the avatar-themed messaging app Miitomo, in Japan on March 17. There's no word on when Miitomo will be released in other parts of the world.

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Nintendo opens up pre-registration for Miitomo smartphone app

Nintendo has started pre-registration for its first smartphone app, the avatar-based chat program Miitomo. The free-to-play app is still scheduled to launch sometime in March.

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You'll soon be able to register for Nintendo's first smartphone app, Miitomo

Nintendo will be launching its first ever smartphone app this year called Miitomo. Arriving in March, this title will be available in the U.S. on both iPhone and iPad (as well as Android-powered hardware). The company will open up pre-registration on February 17, meaning you'll have ample time to sign-up for a Nintendo Account to stay in the loop.

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Nintendo's first smartphone game will be Miitomo, due in March of 2016

Nintendo has revealed the name and the first details of what will be their first game for smartphones. The game is called Miitomo and it will be released sometime in March of 2016, but it's not totally clear if it is really a game or if it will be more of a communication app.

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