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Password Management

LastPass launches native Mac app for password management

LastPass has released a new, native app for Mac. Available through the Mac App Store, LastPass for Mac brings all of the features you love about LastPass, including passwords storage, secure notes, and form-fills, to a native Mac application.

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Dashlane will soon let you change your passwords in one click

Password manager Dashlane is preparing a powerful new way to quickly change all of your passwords. The new Password Changer will instantly change all of your passwords with the click of a button, hassle-free. The password changer works with a number of popular services and retailers, including Amazon, Dropbox, Evernote, and Twitter.

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Ingenious Bluetooth password management comes to iPhone via Ford Keyfree

Ford has created a password management app for iPhone that implements Bluetooth technology to wirelessly manage passwords, and automatically log you in when within range of your computer.

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1Password vs. DataVault for iPhone: Fight!

Passwords are an important part of having an online presence. I always tell friends and family that you should never ever have the same password for all of your accounts. (Do they listen? Probably not.) Either way, having the same password means if someone gets hold of one of your accounts, they could potentially have access to all of them. Having separate passwords is the best idea but then comes keeping track of all of them. Apps like 1Password and DataVault set out to solve that problem.

I took a look at both of these popular password management apps and pitted them against each other. Follow along to see which one came out on top!

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