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Safari Pad

Steve Jobs at D8 video: iPad predated iPhone

We've long heard rumors that Apple was working on "Safari Pad" long before the iPhone, but Steve Jobs confirmed it at D8, saying he thought of a glass display with multitouch and no keyboard. Apple came up with it, got inertial scrolling going and Jobs thought they could make a phone (which was more important). They made the iPhone, and then went back to the tablet for the iPad.

Jobs also discusses how to support and monetize media as it transitions into the digital age.

(Oh, and he doesn't want us to descend into a nation of bloggers -- America needs editorial!)

Video after the break!

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From Safari Pad to iPhone and Back Again

Many of the latest rumors about the Apple iTablet/iSlate involve it being a large iPhone, or as Daring Fireball points out, the iPhone being a smaller version of an older Apple tablet project. Way back in June of 2007, the New York Times mentioned just that, and the tablet project was Safari Pad:

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iPhone HD Speculation Increasing?

Earlier this month, TiPb threw it's hat in the ring of next generation handset speculation by predicting Apple would announce an iPhone HD in 2009. It just made sense to us, and apparently it's beginning to make sense to others as well.

What happened? New York Times writer John Markoff dropped a rumor bomb:

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Opera Was the Original Browser... For the iPhone?!

Opera, the admirable yet often un-admired cross-platform web browser alternative to Internet Explorer on the PC, Safari on the Mac, and Firefox pretty much everywhere, was considered by Apple to be the original baked-in surfing standard for the iPhone?


That's pretty much what we thought too, though Valleywag stands behind the story:

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Patent Watch: More MacBook Touch / iTablet Teasing!

Oh, Apple, you tease! It's not enough we've all heard the iPhone began life as the Safari Pad tablet? That Intel has leaked Atom-powered portable hints? That the rumors start up again every time the blogsphere even thinks you have a "Special Event" coming our way? Do you really have to go and show us your patents?

Apple Insider says:

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MacBook Touch Rumors Cometh... Again!

Can't keep a good iTablet rumor down, can you?

While Windows-based tablets have never successfully penetrated the mainstream market, a vocal contingent have long been clamoring for an Apple Tablet (iTablet, MacBook Touch, Safari Pad, etc.). Modbook rolls their own and Alex Lindsay of PixelCorps/MacBreak Weekly fame contemplated making one himself. Heck, even TechCrunch wants a FrankenLinFox pad!

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Intel Un-leaks: Smashes Puny iTablet Rumors! (Or Do They...?)

Confession: Yes, when one of these crazy AT&T or Intel rumors come up, I draft a rumor-smasher just as soon as I finish the post. Chalk it up to experience.

Case in point: yesterday we (and everyone else in the blogsphere) reported that Intel Germany Geschäftsführer Hannes Schwaderer done let slip word of an Atom-powered iTablet. Or done did he?

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Intel Leaks: Atom-Powered iTablet Safari Pad Cometh?

True story: before the iPhone, Apple's multi-touch screen mobile efforts were focused on a tablet-like device known internally as Safari Pad. But when El Jobso unleashed his awesome powers of prediction, he saw cell phones coming on so strongly, he shifted Apple's gears -- and mobile OS X Touch development efforts -- to what became the iPhone.

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The iPhone started life as a "Safari Pad"?

The New York Times is reporting that the iPhone started its life out as a "Safari Pad". An Internet tablet if you will. Once Steve Jobs saw it, he used his panache and morphed it into an iPhone. The author also goes on to say that when he spoke to Steve Jobs at the recent MacWorld in January, he asked if there would be a larger form-factor iPod touch device. Steve Jobs replied,

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