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Siri Down

Siri down for you?

We're getting a bunch of emails and tweets asking if Siri is down for anyone else, so we're guessing the answer to that is -- yes, yes it is. It's still working for some of us, mind you, and Siri has been up and down intermittently, and a often, since launch, but this once again seems to be more widespread than normal.

So you know the drill -- let us know if Siri is down for you, and if so, where you are, how long it's been down for, and when it goes back up.

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Siri down?

We're getting lots of mail and tweets from readers who say Siri is currently down for them, as in Apple's new artificially intelligent voice control system says it can't connect to the network. While Siri is in beta at the moment, and all online services have outages, that doesn't stop real users from being really annoyed when it happens.

Is Siri down for you? Are you being told Siri is having trouble connecting to the network? Are you on Wi-Fi or 3G, and if 3G, which carrier? Does restarting your iPhone 4S help?

Let us know if you're down, any fixes that work for you, and when it starts working again.

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