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Apple and Comcast reportedly negotiating streaming TV service deal

Apple and Comcast are negotiating a deal that would bring streaming TV service to a future Apple TV device. What's more, Comcast would give traffic generated by such devices special treatment on its network, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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Time Warner Cable talking to Apple over streaming video deals for the Apple TV

Time Warner Cable is in discussions with Apple over deals for streaming video deals according to the company's CEO Glenn Britt. TWC already has an application on the Roku box, but speaking at an investor conference in London, Britt outlined who else exactly TWC is talking to:

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ABC Player becomes Watch ABC, lets some users stream shows live

ABC has updated its player app with a new name and live streaming capabilities, allowing a limited set of users to watch ABC programming live. While the rest of the app remains largely unchanged, still letting users stream previous episodes of ABC’s shows, a new section called Live has been added to the toolbar.

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Apple posts iPhone 5 event video

Apple has posted the streaming version of today's iPhone 5 event. Eventually we expect YouTube and iTunes Podcast versions as well, but for now, if you've simply got to see it immediately, hit up and start your streams.


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Sky UK takes on Netflix with the launch of Now TV movie streaming apps for iPhone and iPad

UK Satellite broadcaster, Sky has just launched its Now TV apps for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Now TV is a UK-only service that offers movies on the go without the need for a subscription to Sky satellite services. The apps compliment the roll out of the service for Mac and Windows PCs in mid-July and look to bring some stiff competition to Netflix.

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Thanks to Warner Brothers, we'll have to wait twice as long for Netflix movies...

AllThingsD reports that Netflix (and Blockbuster) will be required to wait twice as long, or a full 56 days after DVDs hit retail shelves, before offering Warner Brothers content under a new distribution agreement.

The move is part of Hollywood’s ongoing campaign to bolster flagging DVD sales, and sources tell me the new deal is supposed to be announced at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Warner Brothers executives have already talked publicly about extending the current window.

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Apple TV software update 4.4.4 now available

Apple has updated the 2nd-generation Apple TV software to version 4.4.4, which includes general performances and stability improvements and a fix related to an issue that displayed an error when attempting to play certain types of video content.

The new software update comes just a month after their 4.4.3 update, which added support for Netflix streaming in Mexico as well as addressing an audio problem when playing sound through the optical port when your television set is turned off, and carries a new build number (9A406a).

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Qantas to test in-flight iPad entertainment system

Qantas has announced they will begin a trial run for an in-flight entertainment system centered around Apple's iPad tablet, initially limiting the test to a single Boeing 767-300 which allows streaming of music and video content to all of the aircraft's 254 seats.

In what it’s trumpeting as a ‘world first’, Qantas will next month begin trials of Apple’s iPad for in-flight entertainment, using wi-fi to stream content to the tablets from a central server on the aircraft.

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BBC announces subscription-based iPlayer coming to iPad in 2011

BBC Worldwide has gone on record stating they'll release a subscription-based iPlayer app for Apple's iPad tablet next year, according to The Financial Times.

The BBC is to launch a commercial version of its iPlayer video on demand technology, using a subscription model on Apple iPads and with the US probably the first to receive the service. It will be available only outside the UK, where the BBC is not allowed to charge for its content, and marks a new stage in the broadcaster’s move to exploit its content around the world.

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Hulu+ updated with new iPad features, $7.99 subscription

Hulu+ has been updated for the iPad and iPhone to includes new features and better yet -- a new, lower subscription price of $7.99.

  • New split-screen player on iPad
  • Enhanced queue and subscription management
  • Improved playback performance
  • New thumbnail behavior on iPad
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Hulu launched on iOS back in late June followed by an immediate follow up of the Hulu+ subscription service at $9.99.

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