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Voice Recognition

Comic: Siri is Why I'm Not Exactly Scared of Skynet

Welcome to this week's edition of The Pixel Project: a weekly comic from Diesel Sweeties' Rich Stevens on Apple, technology, and everything in-between.

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Woz thinks Siri was better before Apple, but still sees its future potential

Woz recently spoke to a local paper in upstate New York about Siri now and what Siri was like before Apple purchased it. He thinks that Siri was more accurate and a better product before but still sees the potential for that to change over time.

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Nuance acquiring voice-recognition app maker Vlingo

Nuance Communications, makers Dragon Dictation and the voice recognition technology behind Siri in the iPhone 4S, have agreed to purchase competitor Vlingo.

Nuance Communications Inc. agreed to buy Vlingo Inc. in a deal that gives the developer of voice- command technology a system that can respond to spoken words with actions such as Internet searches.

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Daily Tip: How to add phonetic spelling to a contact for Siri

With the introduction of Siri many people want to be able to use voice prompts. But what if your iPhone 4S doesn't want to say a contact correctly. Maybe it doesn't even recognize what you're saying at all. Sometimes adding phonetic spelling will solve the problem.

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Update: Google Advanced Voice Search Delayed by Apple?

Now after watching the above video, it seems as if Google has made one heck of a voice recognition app. But where the heck has it gone?!

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TellMe Voice Recognition App Coming to iPhone

Although Microsoft themselves haven't deigned to design applications for the iPhone directly (yet!), that doesn't mean their various subsidiaries and hangers-on aren't eyeing the platform. We already told you about the first zany Microsoft-tech to hit the iPhone, the Olympic-version of the Zumobi tiled-content application. Now Gizmodo brings word of another Microsoft-related company coming to the iPhone: TellMe.

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In ur SDK: Microsoft TellMe About iPhone?

Hot on the heals of the Microsoft MacBU (makers of Office 2008 for Mac) talking iPhone SDK, comes word (via Fortune) that Microsoft's recently acquired TellMe division, which specializes in voice recognition, is also eyeing Apple's little market grabber:

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