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How early iPhone 6 adopters will help Apple refine its design

Within hours of the launch of the iPhone 6, Apple will begin learning about new problems that may plague the new iPhone. Thanks to the company's frontline at its retail stores, employees will be able to quickly gain insight on any issues, defects, or problems with the iPhone when customers bring back defective units and make appropriate changes.

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Chinese propaganda campaign could sap $13 billion in sales from Apple

The long-term results the three-week-old Chinese state-driven propaganda assaults on Apple haven't yet surfaced, but it's clear from CEO's Tim Cook's recent apology for alleged warranty inconsistencies. But looking at past examples of hostile media campaigns orchestrated by the Chinese government, Citigroup analyst Glen Yeung believes Apple could face lost sales up to $13 billion in China.

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Apple faces fine and temporary closure in Italy for not offering free two-year warranty

While Apple might be scoring major legal victories against Samsung in the U.S., authorities in Italy are threatening to impose a 300,000 euro fine and temporary closure of local operations if Apple doesn't offer a free two-year warranty on iPads, iPhones, and other products.

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Why I don't recommend glowing Apple logo mods for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

There's been a lot of companies lately selling glowing Apple logo mods for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. While they may look extremely cool and make your iPhone stand out from the rest, you should also take into consideration how these work and the potential risk they pose to the functionality of your device.

First we will state the most obvious - it will completely void your Apple warranty. Opening your device in any unauthorized way will void your factory warranty with Apple. So if your device is still in warranty, I'd stay away from this.

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Apple revises iPhone warranty and return policy in South Korea

Apple will be revising their iPhone warranty and return policy in South Korea due to customers that were unhappy about their current return policy. If a customer receives a defective device they will be able to exchange it for a brand new device instead of a refurbished one within 1 month of the original purchase date.

Korean iPhone customers are not happy about Apple replacing defective devices with refurbished ones that have used parts in them when the actual warranty states they are entitled to a refund, new device, or free repair. When Apple spokesperson Steve Park was asked about the new warranty policy in South Korea he declined to comment.

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Apple changes policy on how they check for water damage on iPods

A source told BGR that Apple has changed the screening process they utilize to determine if an iPod has been damage due to water intrusion. Apple utilizes what is known as Liquid Contact Indicators in their mobile devices. In the event moisture comes into contact with these LCIs they become activated which will in turn let an Apple representative know that there was been water damage.

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SquareTrade announces new iPhone 3GS Warranty

SquareTrade has sent us a little tip announcing its new coverage rates for the iPhone 3GS. As any iPhone owner knows, when you drop your phone, your heart may momentarily stop. We all know most warranties also don't cover drops and spills. This is where SquareTrade steps in. For only $99 you'll receive 2 full years of coverage. Compare that to AT&T's rumored new iPhone protection plan, and you've got yourself a deal with SquareTrade.

SquareTrade had this to say about their warranty pricing compared to AT&T's:

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