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Nokia is acquiring smartwatch maker Withings for $191 million

Nokia is staging its re-entry into the consumer market with the acquisition of French smartwatch maker Withings for $191 million. The acquisition is expected to close by the third quarter, following which Withings' staff will be integrated into Nokia Technologies, the Finnish manufacturer's consumer unit.

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Withings announces its latest activity tracker, the Activité Steel, available now for $169

Withings has introduced another activity tracking, the Activité Steel, and its available now for $169. Featuring many of the same features as the Activité Pop, the Steel brings a stainless steel casing, and chrome hands to the watch.

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Withings Activité Pop is very good at hiding all the smarts

It's not always appropriate to broadcast the fact that you're wearing a fitness tracker, especially if your gadget of choice is a bright blue band and you've just stepped into a very important business meeting. Sometimes you need something with a little more style, and the folks at Withings have been pushing in that general direction for a while now. At CES this year, the company is showing off a budget friendly version of their watch that hides just how good it is at tracking your sleep and steps. It's called the Activité Pop, and the biggest feature to this gadget is the massive step down in price from the original. While you lose the classy Swiss design chops, the Activité Pop comes in at $150 instead of $520.

Myriam and John have all the goodies in the video, as well as a more detailed hands on right here, but it's cool to see Withings going all out on the watch design. All too often you hear how our smartwatches don't behave enough like watches, and now there's a functional and relatively inexpensive option for those folks.

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Withings adds support for HealthKit to several devices and Health Mate app

Fitbit may not have any plans to offers support for Apple's HealthKit platform anytime soon, but another smart devices company, Withings, is jumping in full force to add support to HealthKit, including a new version of its Health Mate app for the iPhone and iPad.

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Wrist-on with the fancy Withings Activité fitness watch

Smartwatches and fitness watches started out somewhat utilitarian and understated, but watches like the upcoming Withings Activité are bringing real fashion to the party. Unlike the round-faced Moto 360 and LG G Watch R smartwatches running Android Wear, the Withing Activité dials things back to real dials. At first glance it's more watch than fitness tracker, with a simple Swiss-made two-hand watchface dominating the proceedings.

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Withings Smart Body Analyzer WS-50 unboxing and setup

I want to lose weight and track my progress along the way. Sure, there are several scales available, but this is MobileFit month. I decided to check out the Withings Smart Body Analyzer (WS-50). It measures weight, body composition, heart rate and air quality. Withings has also partnered with hundreds of compatible apps such as RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal, and LoseIt.

Want to see what you get when you buy the Withings Smart Body Analyzer? Check out our unboxing and setup video.

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Withings Pulse O2 keeps tabs on your oxygen levels

Withings has announced a new health band called Pulse O2. It does all of the usual stuff, like monitor steps, heart rate, elevation, distance traveled, sleep habits, and estimates calories burned, but the really cool feature here is the ability to monitor the oxygen level in your blood. That information is estimated from the infrared heart rate monitor, then beamed to your phone through a companion app. The device itself can be mounted in a wrist strap, a clip, or carried around separately.

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Withings Bluetooth-equipped Blood Pressure Monitor now available

Looking to stay healthy using your iPhone? Then you might want to check out this new wireless blood pressure monitor from Withings. This is a new version of a previous award-winning blood pressure monitor made by the company. Dropping the need for a Lightning-to-30-pin adapter is probably the biggest change for you. Now it works wirelessly over your Bluetooth 4.0 enabled iPhone.

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Withings at #CESlive: How the Aura will help you get a better night's rest

Withings makes health products connected to your smart devices and the Internet to help you track everything from weight to blood pressure to your baby to your general activity. Now they want to help you get a better night's sleep with the Aura smart sleep system.

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Withings set to launch the Wireless Scale, bathroom scales with iPhone connectivity

Withings has just announced a new model to its range of bathroom scales and this one looks to cut the cord completely. The new bathroom scales offer Bluetooth connections for local connectivity to your iPhone as well as Wi-Fi and all the initial set up of the scales is done wirelessly without the need for any Mac or PC. The Withings WS-30 scales look to not only bring a beautiful set of scales to your bathroom but also the motivation you need to shed those excess pounds too.

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