Tim Cook: it's going to be an iPad Christmas!

It might be October, but Apple CEO Tim Cook is looking firmly ahead to the impending holiday season. And so, what message, what words of wisdom does the CEO of one of the world's richest companies say when looking forwards to Christmas?

"It's going to be an iPad Christmas"

iPad Air and the new iPad mini with Retina Display both say that Cook might just be on to something there. Stick that one on your yearly greetings cards folks!

Ho ho ho!

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Reader comments

Tim Cook: it's going to be an iPad Christmas!


Nah, I just think that many will get a game console that lasts you years than another tablet that costs $399 or $499. It's something different this year, instead of the 'annual iPad'. Of course I can be wrong and it'll be the poorest hardware premiere in history and tablets will win this season.

It was already going to be an iPad Christmas. The wife and I are buying both our spoiled brats their own iPad Mini for Christmas.