Daily Tip: How to read iBooks, Kindle eBooks as "White on Black"

Trying to read an iBook or Kindle eBook at night and curious how to switch to white text on a black background so as not to strain your eyes or keep others awake from the glare? Luckily iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad have this feature built right in. We'll show you how to enable it after the break!

Because "White on Black" is considered a system-wide feature, so all we need to do is head into Settings.

  • Open Settings
  • Tap General
  • Select Accessibility
  • Switch "White on Black" to "ON"
  • Exit settings, launch iBooks or Kindle, and enjoy!

Bonus tip: If you want to have white on black as a quick option then place it on your triple click home button.

  • Settings
  • General
  • Accessibility
  • Triple click home
  • White on Black

There you have it! Now can read your books (or web pages, or email, or anything really) as "White on Black" for those lighting situations that require it. If you have an questions, let us know in the comments below.

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Leanna Lofte

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Daily Tip: How to read iBooks, Kindle eBooks as "White on Black"


His was certainly news to me. Thanks for a very cool and useful tip. My guess is that it would be easier on battery life, too. I'm going to try to leave it on as long as possible to see if that's the case.

You can set this from within the Kindle app on the iPhone by selecting the little "AA" icon in the book menu. You'll see "Text Color: Black, White, Sepia". Just choose white and you get white text on a black screen. This way you don't have to keep changing any system settings.

You can also map this setting to the home button using Settings/Accessibility/Triple-click Home and then pick White/Black. That way, you can just triple-click your home button to toggle it.
Thing is, it's not actually a white on black - it's a reversal of all the colours. It works well in some places and not so well in others. I'm with D-Rock; if you're reading in the Kindle app, you're better off using its internal setting; the results are better.

The disadvantage for doing it in-app with Kindle is the minute you leave Kindle your eyes get assaulted with bright white screens. For example, if you hop out of Kindle to check email or the web. With the system-wide setting you stay "white on black" until you triple click to turn it off. Much preferred for me.

@West: being lcd backlit I doubt it. You'd still have to turn down the brightness to pull less juice. Least that's how I remember it.

For all of us who like to read I also wanted top mention that you can now read Adobe ePUB on any iOS device by using the BlueFire App. It also does Overdrive Library books. Additionally the Overdrive App has been updated and you can now get audiobooks and ebooks from your public library through it.