TiPb Apps 5.3: Gameloft (GDC 2010)


Live from GDC 2010, Rene talks to Baudoin Corman and Sanette Chao from Gameloft about Nova [$4.99 - iTunes link], Rayman 2 [$6.99 - iTunes link], GT Racing [$4.99 - iTunes link], Avatar [$6.99 - iTunes link] and many more [iTunes link] for iPhone and iPod touch... and soon for iPad!

Gameloft really wants to offer highly polished games and the highest quality gaming experience in every genre and to every type of gamer. for 2010 they're, already showing off Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction, Fisher Kings, Zombie Infection, and no doubt much more -- including iPad specific versions of some of their titles that better make use of the bigger screen. (As seen during Apple's iPad event).

For a large company, Gameloft has proven time and again they can react quickly to take advantage of new developments in the iPhone OS and whole new platforms like the iPad. It will be interesting to see what else they have planned for us in 2010. Fun too.

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

TiPb Apps 5.3: Gameloft (GDC 2010)


I love this developer. They have always come out with great games on platforms and now ont eh iphone. I am looking forward to the programs that they create for the ipad

They have really made good games for the iPhone I can't wait to see what they can do on my ipad woooot maybe a nova part 2

Can't wait to see the new iPad stuff. iPhone gaming started off a bit clunky, but is really picking up steam now. Still wish there was an option for an external gamepad (or a gamepad case for iPhone), so that you don't have to obscure the screen with your fingers (would be ok if I could make my fingers transparent!).

I wonder can gameloft make a Tenchu game for the iPhone/ipad now I would love to see them pull that off.

I've been playing gameloft games on my mobiles for ages. I'm glad their expanding into the iPhone. Looks like I'll be dropping more money into iTunes ;)

I have both Nova and Avatar and love them, Nova especially. The graphics and controls are amazing. I'm excited for the iPad version of Nova.

I think Gameloft has a really good sense for the kinds of games that are popular especially in the North American market (e.g. FPS) and develops top-notch control schemes for FPSs on the iPhone's touch screen. I also hope Gameloft does not adopt the "Freemium" pricing strategy adopted by ngmoco. You should be able to pay a flat price for your software and games without being punished for being hardcore!

Gameloft just seems to use tried and true (read: copied) content but does it in a pretty nice package. I usually enjoy most of their products.

I really love the Gameloft Games for the iPhone. Especially UNO, Assassin's Creed and NOVA. I'd love to see them on the iPad

It's still amazing to me (a graphics programmer) how powerful the iPhone can be. This game looks good, not sure how well the controls will work out but could just take some getting used to.

All my favorite games are made by GameLoft. NOVA, Avatar, Dungeon Hunter, etc. When ever I see a game is from these guys I take a look because I know it will be very very good.
What game is featured in the picture in the article? I have not seen it before and want the check it out and probably buy it.

If they really want to produce high quality apps then why won't they fix up UNO? On multiple occasions it'll say 'Network Error' or that no one is available online. They also really need to improve the graphics and gameplay capabilities of UNO. For example, where are my 6 player UNO matches?

I'm consstantly blown away by the quality of games on my 3GS - it has eradicated any desire to have a PSP or DSi that I once had.

One of the better game developers / publishers out there. I think most of the stuff I buy in the app store are from them.

NOVA will be amazing on the ipad. hopefully they tweak it and have an add-on controller accessory or something. should be great!

The gaming market on the iPhone has gotten incredibly fierce, and I'm glad to see that Gameloft is making the most of it by offering quality games at a reasonable price. NOVA is absolutely amazing, and their inclusion of it in the big iPad space race is a smart move on their part. Rayman has been a favorite of mine for a long while, and they are doing something that I don't think Nintendo has quite mastered: they're making me want to constantly upgrade my device. Not only for the best performance, but for the absolute best in visual quality. A DS game looks pretty much the same on all three generations, but the extra juice you get from a 3GS or iPod Touch 3.0 is...breathtaking.