TiPb Asks: What's your email signature?

TiPb Asks: What's your email signature?

Sent from my iPhone. Sent from my iPad. Thanks to some curt Steve Jobs customer support replies, these default iOS email signatures are nearly iconic now. But are you still using them?

Thankfully they don't include carrier specific spam. ("Sent from my Verizon iPhone not on LTE but still fast and with really good coverage!" -- can you imagine?) Annoyingly, they're not very flexible either. You're limited to one signature and one signature alone, regardless of how many accounts you have setup. Hopefully Apple will let us assign individual email signatures for each account in the future (without the need for #TeamJailbreak, I know!) but until then...

What's your email signature? Do you have different signatures on different devices? Or do you not use one?


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There are 156 comments. Add yours.

Ray says:

Mine was "sent from my iWatch". Not using anything now.

Geo Coldz says:

"Sent From my iPad"
I own an iPod Touch. :/

Ben says:

"Sent from a Random Apple Device" -- then it's applicable whether it's from a mobile or desktop.

Alex says:

Thats a good one. Im going to use something like that now. "Sent from an Apple Device Thanks to Steve Jobs"

Coffeeholic says:

If you'd like for everyone to know how much of a fanboy you are then yeah, use this sig

TSB3 says:

Mine used to be "Send from my iPhone 4. This changes everything. Again" when the hype for the new iphone was high. Now it's just "iPhone 4".

Theo says:

Sent from my EYEphone - a nod to Futurama.

Danny Walsh says:

Haha I loved that episode.

mcswan says:

If you can read this, thank a teacher.
If you can read this in English, thank a veteran.
"If You Can Not Stand Behind Our Troops , please Feel Free To Stand In Front Of Them."
Don't forget to pay your taxes. 30 million illegals are depending on you.

phinx404 says:

Love the troops one. Using it now!

dino says:

wrong place... wrong time...

Ronn says:

Yeah I used "sent from my iPhone 4" as well. It made me feel all warm inside.

fastlane says:

It depends where I'm at. "Sent from my car", "Sent from my bed", "Sent from the end of the line at the bank"...
It's exhausting having to keep changing it.

bergman says:

Mine is identical to those sent from a PC except they lack color logos and contain the following : "Please excuse any typos. This message was written on a tiny keyboard". Of course I need no such apology when I write from the iPad2

Bor15 says:

Sent from my White iPhone 4.
Because I have one!

Sabine says:

My name. I don't need to advertise for Apple.

impaler says:

Don't use them. Nobody cares that I send from a particular device. It also gives away that I might not be home and frankly my location is nobody's business.

GrandmaBetty says:

You sound slightly paranoid. Could you not be using your iPhone at home while cleaning your extensive gun collection?

Marcus Trotta says:

On iPhone and iPad: Sent from my iWhatever
On my Blackberry: Sent from Crackberry

Jonny says:

I own a 3GS and my signature is "Sent from my iPhone 5." ;)

stoneland says:

Mine is "Sent from my iPhone on AT&T"...but I may just get rid of it. Was never a fan of the "sent from my..." email signatures.

HellKatzX says:

I use the default, so if I have typos or a short response people know why.

Morgan says:

Old Age and Trechery Shall Overcome Youth and Skill

solu says:

Have multiple signatures one for work and other personal.. ( Jailbreak tweak named Mail Enhancer )

Josh says:

sent from my eye fone

SockRolid says:

My email signature will never be this (unless I fake it): Sent from my Apple TV.
Apple knows better than to cram full internet complexity into the TV experience. Google tried that with WebTV. I mean Google TV. FAIL.

arin.failing says:

I don't see the point in your comment. You could apply that in a million different ways. I could just as easily say, "My email signature will never be this (unless I fake it): Sent while maintaining a platonic relationship with SockRolid's girlfriend." But that wouldn't be entirely true, either, now would it? Keep BS like this out of the comments section, and leave them on your Facebook wall... please. I just don't care about what you WON'T write.

c says:

Message sent from my iphone, typos and all.

chr1spy says:

You can use custom CSS formatted signatures on iPhones since September 2007!

visi says:

Sent from my Alienware M17x

Rene Ritchie says:

Mine is stock. I'm captain default once again.

Mio_Ray says:

I do not use signatures.
I like to stay mobile and I simply believe that it is of no benefit of the receiver to know whether I wrote my message on my BlackBerry or from my iPad.
The exception is new message from my office pc, there I usually include my company default signature with logo and contact details.

sb says:

Sent via  iPhone IV

Andy says:

Sent From The Future,

Leanna Lofte says:

Leanna Lofte
Sent from my iPhone
I want to have separate signatures for different accounts!!

Leanna Lofte says:

"Sent from my iPhone" is on a new line though.

solu says:

User Mail Enhancer from Cydia .. I have 4 email accounts and diff signature's for all of them .. it works perfect.

solu says:

" I want to have separate signatures for different accounts!! " = TeamPure haha .. Jailbreaking is fun :)

9thWonder says:

Oh this is gonna piss people off but my says:
"Only an idiot cares what phone i sent this from."

fishfarm20 says:

Sent from my Motorola DynaTAC8000X

Jo2reco says:

"Real Eyes"
"Real Lies"

Conor says:

I use Pastebot to store all of my email signatures. A few taps allow pasting into a composed email.

R00$744R says:

'Sent from a SaxiPhone'
Yes, I am a sax player...

Barry says:

Please understand the brevity of this email due to it being sent tapping with my thumbs. :)

TylerDCA says:

Sent from my macBerry

j says:

Sent from my iPho...
Umm... Hello?

Lpxerodin says:

Sent From (My iPhone 4, iPad 2, or MacBook Pro) or (MobileMe)
I know this sounds stupid, but I do it to keep track of my emails. If someone tries telling me they received (or didn't receive) an important email that I sent them, I can ask them where I sent it from. Then I know if they are b.s.ing or not or if that particular email was ACTUALLY sent from me.

blyths says:

I've always deleted the default email signature immediately because I find it embarrassing. Ironically I felt it would mark me as a geek - though my current one is the one that is actually geeky - though far more subtle IMO.

aldobaixauli says:

"Sent from my WhIte iPad 2 with beautiful yellow stains"
I know... is awesome :)

OrionAntares#CB says:

"Sent from my iPad nano" I'm sure you can guess what device that ones coming from.
Then I have my Pre Plus that can assign different signatures for each email account. :p

Phonefreek says:

Pre plus!!! BaahahhahhHahHah!!!

Jon says:

I have different sigs for different accounts. I'm not jailbroken but I use MailSig from the app store. Let's you use images and coloured text.
It used to be 'sent from my iBerryDroid'

Critter says:

Mine is this:
The nice thing about it is.. since it gets backed up with iTunes.. it stays on my device, even when /not/ jailbroken...

zero credibility says:

That's a great sig, did you use mailsig for this ?

Jon says:

Mailsig would certainly let you do a signature like that. Mines similar.

MoBounce says:

"Sent from my iPhone 5" Freaks people out all the time haha

Justin Norton says:

What is the jailbreak app that lets you have a different signature for each account???

Scott says:

Mail Enhancer is the jailbroken app that I use and love.
This allows multiple signatures for your accounts and change when you change your email address within the Mail.app.
This app if you setup your signature to allow can actually send HTML emails over the UGLY test based emails that are sent via the iPhone/iPad.

android3k says:

Brought to you in part by Apple and the number 5.

Derek says:

iOS > Android all day everyday!

Hakala says:

But is Bacon > Love still?

Dood says:

Loaded question. Bacon IS love.

John says:

My gmail signature is "The information in this email is totally and utterly unreliable. Any reliance on the information contained herein is likely to cause the said person to be the subject of much ridicule. Continued reliance on the voracity of said information may lead in the long run to permanent and irreversible brain damage and eventually lead to the use of heavy medication and clinical confinement. The sender takes no responsibility whatsoever for any damages psychological, physiological, or otherwise arising from the use of said information."
Surprising how few people actually read it.

JELorenz says:

John, do you really mean voracity rather than veracity? J

lordramses says:

"Sent from my iPhone. Please excuse brevity and any spelling mistakes."

Avenged110 says:

I still rock the default "Sent from my iPhone". Makes me happy.

9thWonder says:

"Sent from my boyfriends Droid"

9thWonder says:

wow You guys edited my post huh? That's a bit petty isn't it?
And what's the inference? That i have a boyfriend? That somehow being gay and having a boyfriend would be bad? Pretty sad to change my post to that "boyfriend" comment like that's some sort of insult. Sorry, it's not. cause i'm not H-phobic.

9thWonder says:

Edit: OH No. apologies to tipb. Nobody edited it. Just some guy used my name to make a fake h-phobic post. Sad. very sad.

Joe says:

My name and phone number. I'm not that clever :P

eric6052 says:

When I had a Blackberry with Verizon it was really annoying since the default email signature was "sent from my BlackBerry a Verizon Wireless device" luckily it took about five minutes on the Crackberry forums to figure out how to change that. Now with my Droid X its set to "Thanks (my name). But after reading these comments im tempted to change it to something more amusing just to see if anyone notices.

iphoneipadnews.com says:

Our signature is
We love TiPB!

GadgetMomma says:

*My name
"If you think my hands are full,
You should see my heart"
Slightly corny, I know, but after complications, I'm blessed with four kids. People constantly tell me I have my hands full, and I have to tell ten it's nothing compares to how full my heart is, so it for on my email, too. People that I correspond with on email know this!

GadgetMomma says:

Quote on a different line, and I tell "them" not ten! Maybe I should put a typo disclaimer on there as well? ;)

Iammedina says:

-Sent from my future HP Pre 3

giantbrownguy says:

"If this iPhone 4 belonged to Mr. T, he'd probably pity your lack of iPhone 4."
I like Mr. T as much as I like my iPhone!

Hunter MacLean says:

iOS's Mail App is insufficient when it comes to Gmail, so I just go straight to mail.google.com.

Ody says:

Sent from an iPhone wireless device.

Dood says:

I like the distinction. Too often people email me from their iPhone wired device.

TFausett says:

I just use the original.

Jason Diaz says:

Sent from my iPhne   

Rob says:

Almost the same as Mo. Mine reads" Sent from my iPhone 5 beta." You should see the questions I get.

E Pow says:

Sent from my amazing iPhone 4.

Nighthawk#CB says:

iPhone - just name
iPad - magically crafted on my iPad 2

Brad says:

My signature is blank. I don't want "Sent from my iPhone" going out on my professional work emails (tacky), and I don't want my work signature going out on my personal emails. Apple really needs to fix this. This is another annoyance (along with not being able to turn off "shake to undo" and notifications) that should have been fixed a long time ago.

dawggg63 says:

Sent from my iPhone while driving with coffee.

Cwaturner says:

My name and number plus: Sent from my wireless device, please pardon the typos

Jon says:

Sent from mobile device.

Crritter996 says:

“The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity.”
Harlan Ellison 

Bin75 says:

Don't use a signature. But if I had to, I saw this one and thought it was creative.
[]D [] []v[] []D

Dood says:

That's an excellent choice. What's 7th grade like these days?

major nelson says:

Definitely going to have to agree with the grade level... A corporate exec. would have gone with:
|B [] (G [P [] []v[] [P [] []\[]
Yes, I know it is not exactly the same
No, I don't care
My signature says:
Spelling complements of iPhone

Salma Gundi says:

Sent from my iPad Mini. Makes people look twice.

ctt1wbw says:

"Sent from my RIM Playbook"

AT&T 4ever says:

Sent from my iPhone, while I'm having a phone conversation, via AT&T
just to stick it to the a-holes who think Verizon wins :)

Joel Bennat says:

I am using "Tiny email from my iPhone"

zwanneman says:

I know people ho use the signature "Sent from my iPhone" when they send from their desktop. I guess they think they are thus excused for the shortness of and the errors in the mail.

Rage Face says:

Sent from an iPhone. Apologies for misspellings or terseness.

Hire iPad application Developer says:

For Each and every mail id i will use different types of signatures but i will add my contact number in signature in each & Every mail.

Ricky Williams aka iPheuria says:

iPhone: sent from B3t4
iPad 2: sent from the desk of Steven P. Jobs
I wonder why my emails haven't ended up in the blogs yet? I need to be more contraversial I guess lol

Dood says:

Oh I'm not so sure. I don't think you could get more controversial than a fake Steve Jobs sig. You must've been quite the prankster growing up.

Dood says:

E-mail signatures are for people who work.
Work is for jerks.

Arnold Moorr says:

I use different signatures on my several devices, just to keep track of where I sent the message from.

Jonatha Charles says:

Sent from my iPhone 4. I'm holding it wrong.

jason says:

My signature is ",8,1".

Jfruits1 says:

My name....
Ignore any misspellings due to the iPhone's autocorrect (and my big thumbs!)

Hoyt says:

My signature is "Hoyt, sent from an iOS device".

Amy says:

Mine has my name and email address, my blog and address, my website and it's address. . . then says (Sent from my phone- please excuse any spelling and grammar mistakes. Thanks in advance!)

David James says:

Sent from an Apple mobile device.
Free from Microsoft viruses.

GreenTag says:

Sent from your mothers house Trebek

Hartmeister says:

I usually just say, sent from my mobile phone so people can excuse some mistakes but it isn't thought of as pushing a particular brand. I like Apple products but I don't like wearing brand labels if I can avoid it.

Born2Vape says:

not sent from a stupid android phone

david says:

mine is for my iphone
Sent from my iPhone 5
and iPad is
Sent from my iPad 3

iDroid Touch says:

Mine was Sent from my iPhone 5. Now it is Sent from my Quad-Core, 540 GB, LTE iPad 3 with iOS 5

Ward Tongen says:

I switch between these 2:
"Sent from a game-changing tablet"
"Sent from the future"