Waiting to order or line up for a new iPad Air? Wait with iMore and win!

Waiting to order or line up for a new iPad Air? Wait with iMore and win!

The new iPad Air go on sale - and even sell out! - around the world right now. If you're in Asia or Oceania, you might even have your hands on one now. (Lucky!). If you're in Europe or the Americas, your chance will come soon enough! If you still haven't decided whether you're getting one or not, or which one you really want to get, I point you towards our fabulous iPad buyers guide which will answer absolutely any question you might have and tell you absolutely everything you really need to know!

Hopefully online stock isn't too slim. We've heard Apple has ample units on site at the store. Either way, if you don't mind waiting, by all means order online. If you have to have it now, now, now, get your butt over to an Apple Store or authorized reseller and get in line!

Whether you're waiting for online orders to go live, or you're waiting in line for a retail store to open, make sure you jump into official iMore Forums Waiting in Line for a New iPad thread and share your stories and pictures! We'll be having fun and even giving away some prizes! Seriously, you don't want to miss this!

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Waiting to order or line up for a new iPad Air? Wait with iMore and win!


Retina iPad mini's are also for sale or preorder? Or just the iPad Air? I thought the Retina mini's were delayed or will be available at the end of November.

I am so excited Apple has (supposedly) decided to let people order an iPad air online starting at 12:01 and then let you pick it up at the store at your leisure so you do not have to wait in the line with everybody camping out. Besides talking about this on the many blog sites, when I went to my Apple Store app on my iPhone it specifically says "Use the Apple store app to order iPad Air and get free shipping or in-store pickup."

The T-mobile store by me said they only have 1 white and one black in stock and they are both 16gb. :(

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I will be waiting here in Atlanta ga. Perimeter mall here! Although,if I somehow score one with tmobile online tonight than I am definitely engaging into that incredible deal they re offering on the ipad air! White 32GB for me

I went to 2 different Wal-Mart's and they had no idea what the iPad Air was. The electronics associate told me that she didn't know how to use a computer so she couldn't check Walmart.com (?!) and since she didn't see it in the print as she was sure they didn't have it. The manager told me it wasn't on their promotional calendar so they must not have them. So alas, I will travel to Target or Best Buy in the morning...

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This is the best website I've been on so many new things every day. Loved to have this beauty In my hands for christmas!