This $17 four-pack of Philips LED bulbs changes color using just the switch

This 4-pack of Philips LED SceneSwitch soft white A19 light bulbs (opens in new tab) is down to $17.28 on Amazon. This is one of the lowest prices we've ever seen for a four-pack that usually sells around $35.

You could also go with this Philips 4-pack (opens in new tab) that includes some different color variations.It's on sale for $24.79 from a street price around $31. These two 4-packs are part of a larger sale that could save you up to 20% on Philips lighting (opens in new tab), including some unusual options like green LEDs (opens in new tab).

The Philips bulbs are equivalent to 60-watt incandescent bulbs while using 80% less energy. They also last longer and have a lifetime of 15,000 hours and five years of light. The SceneSwitch function is plug-and-play and provides three settings you can switch to just by flipping the switch. You don't need a dimmer switch or a smartphone app to use these lights. The settings switch between 800-lumen daylight, 320-lumen soft white, or 80-lumen warm glow. The bulbs have 3.9 stars based on 222 user reviews (opens in new tab).

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