$200 Cinemagraph Pro drops to $15 after Mac App Store feature — Grab it now!

Flixel's Cinemagraph Pro is a Mac app brings your photos to life. Basically you take a short video, import it, mask off the parts you want to keep moving, and Cinemagraph Pro will make a seamless video loop out of it. It's the kind of stuff you see in fancy online ads, behind feature story headings, and all sorts of other high-end stuff. And it's expensive. Only not right now. After being featured in the Mac App Store Flixel is dropping the price of Cinemagraph Pro by 92.5% — from $200 to $15.

Yeah, it absolutely sucks if you bought Cinemagraph Pro before the discount. But if you didn't, and you even think you might one day have a use for a tool like this, buy it now.

Rene Ritchie

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  • Cool--thanks for the heads up!!
  • You can do this in photoshop...all depends on how good your footage is, not what app you use. Can't believe it was $200.
  • LOL, the only review on the Mac App Store has a damning review that says the app is overpriced at $200 and should be around $20-50.
  • Then it's an even bigger bargain at $15. ;)
  • Great response. Users of Fixel weren't buying it through the App Store. They were buying from Fixel, hard discs or D/L. The App Store's offering is new. That bozo ® that spent $200 on this software is obviously ignorant to 'what is is', it's power and ubiquity in the industry.
  • I thought a user couldn't post a review or rating on the App Store unless they actually purchased the product. According to the stats, the app was updated to version 1.0.1 on February 26 and the review was last updated on March 6. With almost 300 people already finding the review "helpful," I don't think the App Store offering is as "new" as you think. Just saying.
  • I believe the 'reviews' are refreshed with 'revisions'.I could be wrong...but I've seen this in a few 'others'...IE, theScore Mobile. Click reviews and the first column is for 'Current Version' with 6 5 star ratings. Click the 'All Versions' tab, you'll see 49,202 ratings (at an average of 4 stars). Yes, you're right...you can only review an app you've purchased. Not really sure what the point of that is, but indeed...you're correct;)
  • I love making Cinemagraphs. I tried Cinemagraph Pro for Mac, but it's too confusing. I tried following tutorials but you have to edit in special software, then import frames to photoshop, then optimize, color correct, export properly...so now I am using a $4 Photoshop action I found on downloadsoho.com and I only have to brush over areas I want to move. Export is quick, once you make settings as advised, it stays in the preferences.
  • Dunno, I still find a $4 Photoshop action from downloadsoho.com perfect for this task and it takes only few seconds to create cinemagraphs.
  • I wonder if anyone ever bought it at $200, that's just ridiculous.
  • Thousands, if not tens of thousands own this software. It's not ridiculous. In fact, i think it was twice that just two years ago on physical disk. Significantly easier to achieve the same effect that you can definitely accomplish in photoshop but it takes 10% the time in this software and PS is five times the price.
  • I am extremely excited about this "out of nowhere" surprise.
    The video outright sucks! I expected to learn what the software was and some info about it, but was only subjected to style for the sake of style. Bleh. Sent from the iMore App
  • This is awesome! Sent from the iMore App
  • This still seems like a bad deal to me. It's just gone from ridiculously, hilariously overpriced to merely ... overpriced. $15 for a one-trick pony app is still too much.
  • What a hilarious troop of know it alls. Hilarious. Try this. https://flixel.com
    Don't just look at the promotional page, scroll down...look at their software, the forums, etc. if you don't want it, don't get it. If you're a photog, videographer, or an 'up-n-comer' in either area this an absolute bargain. Thanks Rene. Some if us appreciate it and can see further than 'skin deep' pardon the pun (and the cheesy 30 second video;))
  • now there are 5 fake reviews(which gave helpful reviews to each other) in the canadian app store saying it would take hours in photoshop...no it doesnt.
  • The application is $79.99 why is the price fluctuating so much? if it was $15