2021 Hyundai Elantra will feature wireless CarPlay

Hyundai Elantra
Hyundai Elantra (Image credit: Hyundai)

What you need to know

  • Hyundai has announced its 2021 Elantra and Elantra Hybrid.
  • Both will feature wireless Apple CarPlay
  • That makes it one of the first vehicles to offer wireless CarPlay to a more mainstream market.

Hyundai's new 2021 Elantra and Elantra Hybrid will come with wireless Apple CarPlay, making it one of the first affordable cars to adopt the technology.

Hyundai announced the new Elantra and Elantra Hybrid on March 17 saying:

Hyundai officially launched its all-new 2021 Elantra and Elantra Hybrid at The Lot Studios in West Hollywood with a special event today broadcast around the world. This marks the world debut of the latest version of the popular compact sedan. The 2021 Elantra showcases Hyundai's latest ambitions, including a Sensuous Sportiness design identity, hybrid electric vehicle technology, and segment-first wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity. The car also provides exciting driving dynamics and the most progressive in-car experience in its class. Production of the 2021 Elantra starts in the fall in Ulsan, Korea and at Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama, and sales begin in the fourth quarter.

As mentioned, the new car will feature wireless Apple CarPlay, bringing fully-integrated Google Maps and Waze capabilities to the car.

Hyundai is certainly an early adopter of wireless CarPlay, alongside Ford who announced that the tech was coming to their new Ford models in 2020 through its SYNC 4 entertainment systems.

Whilst over a hundred different cars support wired CarPlay, wireless CarPlay, particularly in affordable family cars remains scarce.

One of the coolest things about wider adoption of wireless CarPlay, is how it could pave the way for Apple to one day remove all of the ports from its iPhone. One of the biggest snags to this right now is how many people operate vehicles with wired CarPlay or some other form of entertainment system in a vehicle that requires a wired connection.

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