Fpt Airtags 3d AnimationSource: FPT

What you need to know

  • A new 3D animation, said to be created by Apple, has been shared by Jon Prosser.

Apple will get around to launching AirTags sooner or later, that much we know. When that will be isn't clear – although Ming-Chi Kuo thinks it'll be this year, at least. Regardless of the timelines, we might just have been treated to our first look at the devices thanks to Apple. Or, at least, a software engineer working for the company.

Shared by Jon Prosser and his Front Page Tech YouTube channel, a new 3D animation appears to show the 3D animation we'll see when pairing AirTags with an iPhone. That means this is an official Apple animation that, says Prosser, came from an Apple software engineer.

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Check it out.

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The AirTags shown in this video look very much the same as renders Prosser had made last year. With that in mind, a white cover with a metal back looks set to be the look we'll be getting used to should AirTags ever see the light of day.

On that subject, Prosser says that AirTags are now ready to go, but that the COVID-19 pandemic has so far prevented a launch. It's thought that Apple simply doesn't want to release a product designed to help find lost things when people aren't leaving their homes as much.

It's obvious at this point that AirTags are coming. It's just a matter of when.