Airtags RendeSource: Jon Prosser / FPT

What you need to know

  • Apple is rumored to maybe have AirTags ready for unveiling tomorrow.
  • Jon Prosser has shared what he says is a concept based on a video he's seen.
  • They're missing any way to mount them. Which means....accessories.

Apple is rumored to maybe kinda potentially be announcing AirTags tomorrow but here we are, a day out, and we still don't know what they will look like. Or, we didn't. Maybe. Let me explain.

YouTuber and semi-accurate leaker Jon Prosser has shared a new video that includes concept footage showing AirTags. The difference with this concept? It's based on video of the real AirTags that Prosser was able to get his hands on. That should mean that this concept is as good as the real thing and that's a problem.

Check it out to see why.

As Prosser himself points out, these little white pucks of tracking magic could be a big deal in the future. But they do seem to be missing something that we take for granted with other similar tracking devices – a way to attach them to things.

The most obvious competitor here is Tile, a company that makes trackers that can be attached to keychains and whatnot thanks to a handy hole. They can be stuck to things using adhesive, too.

AirTags? Not so much.

Again, Prosser also points out the obvious here – Apple presumably intends for some sort of accessory market to spring up. Pouches, keychains, AirTags Socks. Things that we can put AirTags into so we can then mount them places. Sounds great, right?

Do you know what else sounds great? Putting a hole in the thing for a keychain.

Sarcasm aside, this concept does make AirTags look typically Apple-like. Sleek, small, shiny. Easily lost as well, come to think of it.

Whether we'll see AirTags announced at tomorrow's special event or not, I'm still here for them. Even if it means I have to buy something else to hold them!