3D-printed accessories you can make for your Nintendo Switch

You <3 your Nintendo Switch, but you know what really sucks about the console? The lack of cool attachments, accessories, and gear you can buy to turn your Switch into, well, whatever you want it to be!

From cup holders to charging stands to a DIY projector dock, there are plenty of things you can 3D-print for your Nintendo Switch: you just need to think outside of the box!

Here are some 3D-printed accessories you can make for your Switch.

Joy-Con grip and game case

If you're someone who likes to travel with your Switch, but you absolutely hate having separate compartments and bags for your games and gear, then it might be worth it to print yourself a Joy-Con grip and game case!

This particular 3D print combines the convenience of a Joy-Con grip for easy travel and a decent amount of storage. You can keep up to eight Switch games stored safely in the Joy-Con grip.

Clip-on shield

What's worse than forgetting your Switch at home? Remembering your Switch and then fighting the sun because of that deadly, deadly screen glare.

If you're someone who is always shielding their screen or squinting through your gameplay, then printing a clip-on shield for your Nintendo Switch is a stellar accessory to keep on hand!

Mario hat stand

What screams Nintendo more than Mario's iconic red cap? A stand for your Nintendo Switch in the shape of Mario's iconic red cap!

This easy-to-make 3D design is perfect for perching your Switch on for gameplay at home or on the go.

DIY Projector

In this project, we'll show you how to DIY your own Portable Projector for the Nintendo Switch! We designed and 3D printed a custom dock that holds an off-the-shelf PICO projector. This of course allows you to project gameplay from the switch to just about any surface! (Noe + Pedro Ruiz)

While this 3D printing endeavour is a little bit more challenging that some others on this list, it's totally worth trying out if you want to take your gameplay to the next level.

Joy-Con drink holder

You know what the worst part of gaming is? The fact that you need to pause and put down your controller in order to take a sip of your drink…

But with the Joy-Con drink holder, all of your gaming/drinking worries are a think of the past!

Finally you can enjoy your favorite beverage without putting down your video game controller! (sanzliot)

Car mount

If you're someone who loves to play your Switch on the go, or maybe you have a family road trip coming up and you're prepping your Switch for its first vacation, then having a secure place to game is a must.

Regardless of how you play on the go, a car mount is an excellent accessory to keep on hand in the event of a long, long drive!

What are your top 3D-printed Nintendo Switch accessories?

Is there a particular 3D-print design you've created lately that you're positive the world needs to know about ASAP?

Maybe you've come across a printed 3D accessory online that you know should be on our list?

Let me know what your top picks are in the comments below and I'll be sure to check 'em out (and print them out, too!)

Cella Lao Rousseau

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