5 ARKit apps you can use in your daily life

When you think of AR, chances are you aren't thinking about an app that's actually useful. Fun, whimsical, silly, sure, but practical? While it may seem strange there are actually some awesome ARKit apps available that you can use going through your normal routine. Measuring a room, sizing new furniture, amping up your run, and more can all get an upgrade in experience with the help of one of these apps.

We've got the apps that you should see right here!

AirMeasure — AR Tape & Ruler


AirMeasure is an app that is built to help you measure out your space without having to dig out the physical tape measure hiding somewhere in your tool box. From figuring out precisely how much space you need to fill in that office to figuring out the size of your furniture accurately before moving, having the accurate dimensions is absolutely crucial.

AirMeasure aims to make sure that you can always measure out what you need, when you need it. We aren't just talking about measuring the perimeter of a room or specific items inside of it either. You can access features to measure someone's height, laser level when mounting something on the wall, triangulate longer distances, draw out plans for decorations on your walls, figure out what a new larger television would look like, and more! It's absolutely free too, so there's not really a bad side to having this app in your pocket when you need it.

Download: AirMeasure(Free)

Dance Reality

Dance Reality

For many people learning to dance is something that comes up idly every now and again, but nothing is ever done about it. Trying to figure out how to fit dance classes into a full schedule, or work out transportation has been a hurdle in the past, but with Dance Reality that doesn't have to be a problem. This app offers a variety of different types of classes that can get you dancing in no time flat.

Dance reality will show you the steps to the dance of your choice, whether that's Salsa or the Waltz. You'll hear the music, and follow the steps that are shown on your floor as you follow along getting the hang of things. The first lesson for each dance technique is free, but you'll need to purchase the full class in order to get everything it has to offer. There are always two sets of footprints that you can learn the steps for, one as the lead and one as the follow. If you've got a wedding, or an event where you'll need to put on some sweet moves this app can help ensure you know what you're doing on the big day!

Sky Guide AR

SKy Guide AR

With NASA in the news, talk of manned missions to Mars in the future, and the world watching as Super Moons and eclipses occur, we're looking to the stars more than we have in years. If you're looking up at constellations for the first time and having issues, or you want a fun way to show them off to someone else then Sky Guide AR is the app to set your eyes on.

All you need to do is open up the app on your phone and hold it up to the sky, and it will align and show you whats going on. This means you will need a fairly clear night, but so long as you have that going for you, you'll be able to spot other planets, constellations, and even satellites as they pass overhead. You can program in notifications when astral events will be happening nearby, get times for sunrise and sunset to plan out your star gazing, and even get backgrounds on the constellations that you pick out of the sky.

IKEA Planner

IKEA Planner

Figuring out what furniture you want when you're redecorating can easily be the most difficult part of the entire endeavour. From working out both the measurements of the room and the new furniture coming in, driving to the store and then hoping your new purchases look right in your room, it can be far more stressful than it has any right to be. IKEA Planner tries to make things easier on you with their app.

You can pick out the furniture that you're considering putting in your new room and see how it will actually look in the room before you ever have it delivered. This means no more back and forth between the store and your house, and no headache when you're forced to do math. Each item pops right up after you scan the room with the app open, letting you know whether it will fit in perfectly or whether another option is a better bet. When you place an item you can also favorite it to find it later, and see the price tag so that there is no confusion involved.

AR Runner

AR Runner

For many people, a daily run is just part of the routine. While many people are content hitting the rubber off a treadmill, for many others it's running outside that gets their blood pumping. If that's the case with you, and you need a little bit of help breaking the monotony of your morning jog. If that's the case, then AR Runner is the app that ought to capture your attention.

It essentially turns running into a game that you are the main player of, but this game requires you to run instead of hitting a button on a controller. There are four different modes to choose from, 60 challenges that will push your skills to the limit, and even leaderboards that will let you compete against other runners. If you hate running, but have started up for exercise this may be a fun option to keep your mind off of what you're actually doing!

What's your favorite?

There are plenty of different ARKit apps available out there, and while many are games there are some genuinely useful ones lurking out there too. Whether you need to plan out the space and furniture for a new office, or you're just trying to get a better time on your evening run there is definitely an app out there that can be useful.

Jen Karner

Jen Karner is a VR Specialist with a taste for all of the weird things. She's usually found playing the latest time-waster on her phone or tablet, when she's not wrecking aliens on her PlayStation VR.