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Valentine's Day is drawing near, and whether you have any special plans or not, curling up on the couch and watching some classic episodes of TV is always a good time. Whether you want to laugh, cry, or both, here are 8 episodes of TV you can stream on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV this Valentine's Day to get your love fix!

Communication Studies — Community Season 1, Episode 16

If you've ever watched community you know that Greendale (the fictional college where the show takes place), was always a fan of pointless school dances. In Communication Studies the school's Valentine's Day dance is mostly a backdrop for the show's plot to take place, but it's full of some real heartfelt moments that and hilarious hijinx that make it worth a watch. Plus, you get to see some killer dance moves from Jeff and Abed. Streaming on Hulu

I Love Lisa — The Simpsons Season 4, Episode 15

Do you remember getting Valentine's Day cards from your classmates in school? It was always a stressful day, and for Ralph Wiggum, it was a sad day as no one in his class gave him one. Lisa, feeling sorry for Ralph, makes him a card. Ralph takes this gesture to mean a little more than it is, setting into motion a series of events that lead to some pretty serious drama. This episode is very touching and I think everyone in the show learns some important lessons. Streaming on Disney+

Galentine's Day — Parks and Recreation Season 2, Episode 16

I truly believe there's a little Leslie Knope in all of us and Galentine's Day is a sweet (and funny) tradition that I'm still hoping catches on. On February 13th. Leslie gathers all her closest gal-pals to enjoy time together without the men in their lives to enjoy breakfast, exchange gifts, and hear her mother tell the story of how she met a sexy lifeguard with whom she had a brief relationship. Of course, getting into the romantic spirit Leslie goes on a journey to reunite the pair, only for things to go horribly wrong. While this isn't your typical Valentine's Day episode, it really celebrates friendship in a very sweet way, and by the end of the episode, I guarantee you will be smiling. Streaming on Netflix

Frist Girlfriend's Club — Boy Meets World Season 5, Episode 15

I couldn't find a video clip from this episode, but it's a classic from Boy Meets World. In the later seasons of the show, you may remember that Shawn and Angela get together, but their relationship is almost derailed by a bunch of Shawn's ex-girlfriends when they kidnap him to prevent him from making his date with Angela. Of course, this episode is right in the middle of the Cory, Topanga, and Lauren love triangle "crisis" adding to the drama of the episode.

The episode is a pivotal moment in both Shawn's development as a character and the relationship of Cory and Topanga, there's no way my list would be complete without mentioning it. Streaming on Disney+

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered — Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 2, Episode 16

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my favorite show of all time and Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered is a classic episode that many fans of the show adore. Cordelia breaks up with Xander because her social status at school is taking a nosedive. Xander upset manages to blackmail Amy (a witch) to cast a love spell on Cordelia so they can be together. Much to Xander's dismay, the love spell doesn't seem to affect Cordelia; however, every other girl seems to want to be with him. The whole episode devolves into every girl in town becoming a Xander-loving zombie, which is equally terrifying and funny at the same time. Any episode that heavily features the loveable and dorky Xander is worth watching. IN fact, when you're done watching this episode, just watch the entire series, it's a real treat! Streaming on Hulu

The One with Unagi — Friends Season 6, Episode 17

Friends had a few Valentine's Day focused episodes, and while The One with Unagi is the least Valentine's Day centric, it's my personal favorite. Chandler is freaking out because he and Monica were supposed to give each other handmade gifts and he forgot, on his quest to find something last minute he throws out a lot of classic Chandler one-liners. Joey gets the brilliant idea to hire a fake twin to land a role that leads to all sorts of hijinx. Of course, Ross attempts to convince Phoebe and Rachel that they need "Unagi" — which he claims is a state of mind to be prepared for the unexpected — to protect themselves from attackers by jumping out an scaring them on a couple of occasions. Unagi is actually a word for eel and has nothing to do with mental preparedness, but if you watch the episode you'll see just how this turns out for Ross. Streaming on Netflix

Valentine's Day — The Office Season 2, Episode 16

If you haven't binge-watched The Office at least three times already, I'm not really sure what you're doing with your life, but if you want to revisit Scranton once again, Valentine's Day is a great episode. The episode features small romantic storylines from all the casts couples — Pam and Roy, Angela and Dwight, and Phyllis and Bob. Meanwhile, at a corporate meeting. the cringe-worthy Michael Scott not only reveals to his coworkers, that he slept with his boss — Jan — but also shows a video he "edited on his Mac". Next year The Office is slated to leave Netflix, so make sure you watch this episode (and the entire series) before its too late! Streaming on Netflix

Valentine's Day Massacre — Grey's Anatomy Season 6, Episode 14

If you're feeling more dramatic than comedic this Valentine's Day (hey, I'm not judging), then check out Valentine's Day Massacre from Grey's Anatomy. When the roof at a romantic restaurant falls down on Valentine's Day, dozens of patients get rushed to the hospital forces Meredith and all the other doctors to get to work. Of course, as the drama intensifies so does all the drama and relationships between the cast members. If you need a good cry, this may be the episode for you. Streaming on Netflix

What are your favorite Valentine's Day episodes?

There are a lot of TV shows out there and plenty have Valentine's Day episodes. Tell us your favorites in the comments down below.

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