The $90 Satechi USB-C aluminum monitor stand adds functionality and style to your iMac

Sometimes you have to sacrifice a little ease-of-use for the sake of style. Like those really nice boots that hurt your feet. When it comes to computers, that generally means putting all the nice ports on the back, out of reach and covered by a slim, beautiful design. Satechi rebels against that notion and wants to bring the ports back to the front where you they belong. The new USB-C aluminum monitor stand and hub for the iMac does precisely that with a look and design that helps keep the minimalism of your workstation intact.

The stand is made with a brushed aluminum body and a sturdy unibody construction so it's strong enough to serve as a mount for your iMac. It will raise the computer just enough to give you a little more wiggle room. You'll be able to find an optimal viewing level, reduce neck strain, and work on your posture. That means working just a bit longer instead of getting tired or dealing with back pain.

Working from an older iMac? That's okay, too. The stand ships with a USB-A to USB-C adapter, which normally goes for $5 on its own through the Satechi website. Satechi confirms this will work with any type of iMac.

The stand is available in two colors: silver and dark gray. You can find it now for $89.99 on Amazon and Satechi's site.

Satechi makes a lot of hubs designed to look good with Apple products. This iPad Pro hub just came out very recently and adds some functionality to that machine as well.

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John Levite

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