ABC news uses location services to track stolen iPad to the home of a TSA officer

ABC news set up a sting at various main stream airports by leaving behind a total of ten iPads to see what happens to them when they get into the hands of TSA officers. The sting was setup after reports of 100’s of thefts by TSA officers from airports around the country. Thankfully nine of the iPads were returned to their owners as the TSA officers followed agency guidelines and immediately contacted the owners and returned them. Unfortunately one of the iPads was not returned and the TSA officer from Orlando airport decided to take it home.

The iPad was last seen on video in the hands of TSA officer Andy Ramirez and then it went on a thirty mile journey which was tracked using the iPads location services. ABC news waited for two weeks before turning up at the home of Ramirez who denied having the iPad at first. ABC news activated the audible tone to assist in finding a lost iPhone and iPad using the Find my iPad app and then he produced the iPad in question and turned it over claiming that his wife had picked it up at the airport.

"I'm so embarrassed," he told ABC News. "My wife says she got the iPad and brought it home," he said. Moments later, his wife appeared at the door to say she had found it and "no told my husband." Asked how that was possible given that ABC News tape showed him handling the iPad at the security checkpoint, Ramirez shut the door and has not responded to questions since.

The TSA has since parted company with Ramirez claiming it has a zero-tolerance policy for theft from passengers. It has already terminated the employment of 381 officers over the last nine years and eleven so far this year too.

Source: ABC News


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