The Gioteck Smart TV+ controller is the budget wireless controller for Apple TV to beat — but large hands may be left wanting

Pick up and play.

Gioteck Smart TV+ Duo Wireless
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iMore Verdict

An affordable controller with plenty of functionality, the Gioteck Smart TV+ Duo is ideal for quick bouts of gaming.


  • +


  • +

    Multi-device functionality

  • +

    Looks good


  • -

    Uncomfortable for larger hands

  • -

    ‘Squishy’ triggers

  • -

    Lighting isn’t great

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If you’re looking for a controller for your Apple TV (or iPhone, iPad, or Mac for that matter) you’ll struggle to do better than the Gioteck Smart TV+ Duo, especially at this price.

Some minor grumbles aside, it’ll help you get your Apple Arcade fix with ease, and it looks good, too.

Gioteck Smart TV+ Duo Wireless: Price and availability

The Gioteck Smart TV+ Duo is available at £24.99 in the UK, but it's tricky to find it in other territories like the US. It’s available at multiple retailers within the United Kingdom, as well as from Gioteck directly, and we've seen it as low as £19.99.

For that price, it’s drastically cheaper than some of its rivals, and while there are corners cut to achieve that price point, it’s still a great option.

Gioteck Smart TV+ Duo Wireless: Ease of use

Gioteck Smart TV+ Duo Wireless

(Image credit: Future)

Focusing on connecting to the Apple TV 4K, the Gioteck Smart TV+ Duo is easy to hook up thanks to its Bluetooth connection. That means it’s just as simple to get it hooked up as it is to connect new headphones, but it does more than that.

There’s a 2.4 GHz dongle included, too, and that means it’s a case of “plug and play” to get it working on something like a PC or even one of the best MacBooks (provided you’ve got a USB-A port or an adapter).

You can switch between modes via a switch on the back, which lets you switch for compatibility with Android devices, too, if you happen to have a device on the green side of the fence, while there’s a USB-C port as well if you’re looking to play without batteries. The USB-A to USB-C cable included is nice and long, too.

AA batteries are included in the box, but you’ll need to factor in the cost of replacements over time.

Gioteck Smart TV+ Duo Wireless: Build

Gioteck Smart TV+ Duo Wireless

(Image credit: Future)

While standing alone, not switched on and therefore free of RGB lighting around the thumbsticks (more on that shortly), the Gioteck Smart TV+ Duo could feasibly look like the kind of controller you'd expect Apple itself to release.

It comes in a nice, off-white color with gray buttons and accents that look pretty sleek for a £25 controller. Add in the subtle grip afforded by the panels on the sides and some nice concave thumbsticks and there’s plenty to like, even at a budget price point.

Buttons feel pleasingly tactile, but the triggers are a little squishy, almost like there’s a membrane underneath that stops you from pulling all the way back, but on the positive side, it does at least make them nice and quiet. In fact, if you’re looking for a controller to play games in bed without waking a significant other or sleeping baby, that may end up being a net positive for you.

I will note that your mileage with the Gioteck Smart TV+ Duo may vary depending on the size of your hands. I found it comfortable for short sessions, but it soon became a little too small for my large mitts That may not be the same for those with smaller hands, of course.

Gioteck Smart TV+ Duo Wireless: Features

Gioteck Smart TV+ Duo Wireless

(Image credit: Future)

Gioteck says the Smart TV+ Duo offers low latency via Bluetooth and the included dongle, and I can certainly say I didn’t feel any delay while playing games on any of the Apple devices I tested it with (or the Steam Deck).

Since I didn’t have any issues, I didn’t have a chance to test the automatic re-pairing function outside of testing the range but, with my small house, I was able to still play games in another room and even at the top of the stairs.

I’m a little less impressed with the RGB lighting, which is too dim to catch the eye as a visual statement, but does manage to illuminate the cheaper plastic of the chassis.

Gioteck Smart TV+ Duo Wireless: Competition

The GameSir T4 Cyclone game controller for iOS and macOS against a pink background.

(Image credit: Future)

In a lot of ways, the Gioteck Smart TV+ Duo stands alone purely on the basis of its mix of price and sturdiness. I’ve tested plenty of controllers in this budget, or around it, and they’ve felt hollow, too lightweight, or worst of all, cheap. That price easily earns it a spot on the list of the best controllers for Apple TV.

There is always the more expensive GameSir T4 Cyclone, which features nicer triggers and sticks — although there is a price premium over the cheaper Gioteck.

With that in mind, there’s little that comes close. In the long run, however, it’s also worth considering if you need to buy a controller at all — if you’ve already got a PlayStation 5 or Xbox, your existing controller is better, and will easily connect up with your Apple TV unit.

Gioteck Smart TV+ Duo Wireless: Competition

You should buy it if…

  • You want an affordable gamepad
  • You plan to use multiple devices at once
  • You’re OK buying fresh batteries

You shouldn’t buy it if…

  • You have large hands
  • You play a lot of shooters and therefore need more tactile triggers

Gioteck Smart TV+ Duo Wireless: Verdict

The Gioteck Smart TV+ Duo is an excellent budget gamepad option that overcomes its shortcomings by simply being better than most of its rivals in this price range.

If you can look past the squishy triggers, reliance on AA batteries, and small size, it’s well worth a look for Apple TV gamers, and even looks like it belongs next to your machine, too.

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