Keychron's $35 mechanical keyboard is the one you've been waiting for

The Keychron C3 Pro mechanical keyboard against a black and red background.
(Image credit: Keychron)

Mechanical keyboard company Keychron has launched its most affordable keyboard to date, a gasket-mounted design called the C3 Pro, which costs only $35.

The C3 Pro is powered by Keychron mechanical switches and features include QMK/VIA functionality and support for both MacOS and Windows – you can toggle between them. It also has double-shot ABS shine-through keycaps – so light can pass through them and they're durable – and they're fitted with red LEDs for illumination.

The Keychron C3 Pro has Poron Foam in the positioning plate and acoustic foam within the case. These two layers of foam absorb sound and increase the feedback that you then feel at your fingertips.

The catch is this mechanical keyboard isn't hot-swappable, meaning you can't customize the keys. But it looks like Keychron is aiming at the budget-conscious and mechanical keyboard beginners who might one day upgrade to the more premium options from the brand. 

A gasket-mounted design on a budget

We've long been fans of mechanical keyboards here at iMore, especially those from Keychron. The company's Q series of keyboards comes in a range of styles with different layouts, and its Pro suite of devices brings users high-end features with gasket-mounted designs.

We awarded the Keychron Q1 Pro a highly impressive five out of five stars when we reviewed it, giving it a top position in our best mechanical keyboards guide. We also included a Keychron Q1 in our detailed guide to building a custom mechanical keyboard

However, the new Keychron C3 Pro is a departure from the more high-end offerings, bringing those interested in the clickety-clackety delights of a mechanical keyboard a budget option that doesn't cost the Earth but, crucially, works incredibly well. After all, there are no end of cheap and poorly made mechanical keyboard offerings currently on Amazon.

So if you're in the market for a new mechanical keyboard and don't have much to spend, you'll find the C3 Pro exclusively on Amazon now for $35.

Becca Caddy

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