Move fast to supercharge your new iMac M3 with this Cyber Monday saving

minisopuru iMac dock in yellow
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If you've been lucky enough to pick up a new M3 iMac, or if you're rocking the equally colorful M1 variant, you'll know all too well about how fiddly it can be to plug anything into the back of Apple's all-in-ones.

With ports behind the screen, there's always that awkward fumbling, and while USB-C makes it a little easier since it doesn't always have to be the right way round, it's still a hassle if you plug just about anything in.

Enter the minisopuru iMac dock, which will take up literally no room on your desk because the iMac sits on top of it.

This clever iMac accessory is reduced in the Cyber Monday sales at Amazon, meaning you can plug in a ton of devices with ease for just $71.99 - a 20% saving off of the MSRP.

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Save 20% on this clever iMac dock at Amazon

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minisopuru iMac Dock | $89.89 $71.99 at Amazon

Save 20% on this dock and add a bunch of ports, and even M.2 SSD storage, to your iMac.

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The dock includes seven different ports, with USB-A, USB-C, and memory cards making an appearance. You'll also find up to 10Gps speeds on some, too.

Perhaps my favorite part, though, is that there's an enclosure inside that can hold an M.2 SSD in a variety of sizes. That means you can add a bunch of superfast storage to your Mac, without having to have external drives dangling out of the ports on the back.

While you could theoretically use this dock on just about any PC, it's definitely built for the M1 and M3 Macs - just be sure to match the color of your model before purchasing (although there are only Yellow, Blue, Green, and Silver ones available at present, sorry Orange, Pink, or Purple owners).

Also, as someone who's usually too tall for the iMac without needing a stand, it's nice to give it a little lift.

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