Tile's AirTag alternatives are just $17 in the Black Friday sales

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While Apple's AirTags might be the best and most integrated trackers you can buy for iPhone, they're also some of the most expensive. That's why these deals on a series of Tile's trackers that work with both iPhone and Android are a great shout this Black Friday. We've found deals on the Tile Mate, the Slim wallet insert, and the Tile Sticker. Check it out! 

If you'd prefer AirTags, you can see those and more in our roundup of the best Black Friday Apple deals currently available. The big difference between AirTags and Tile is the Apple Find My network. The former uses pings from any Apple devices in the world to locate your stuff, that means you can track lost luggage overseas, for instance. Tile only has the option to show your devices most recent range, and only works for pinging inside Bluetooth range. That means they're a bit more effective for things that never leave your house. The tracking is definitely less comprehensive than AirTags, but Tile is also a lot cheaper. 

Big Black Friday savings on Tile

Tile Mate |$48$35 at Amazon

Tile Mate | $48 $35 at Amazon

The Tile Mate is a Bluetooth item tracker that works on both iOS and Android. This deal for a pair of two gets you a tracker for $17 each, which is much cheaper than Apple's AirTag and the lowest price this bundle has ever been. 

Tile Starter Pack |$55$39 at Amazon

Tile Starter Pack | $55 $39 at Amazon

The Tile Starter Pack includes the aforementioned Tile Mate, as well as the Tile Slim, which is a nifty credit card-shaped tracker that can easily fit in a wallet or bag. Again, this is the lowest price we've seen this bundle fall to. 

Tile Sticker |$55$39 at Amazon

Tile Sticker | $55 $39 at Amazon

The Tile Sticker does exactly what it says on the tin. Stick them to anything from a dog collar to a remote. With up to 250ft of range and water-resistance these are perfect for the great outdoors and just $20 each. These are finally back down to the low price we saw them last year. 

Tile Mate |$70$52 at Amazon

Tile Mate | $70 $52 at Amazon

The same aforementioned Tile Mate but in a pack of three not two. That means they're just $17 each, much cheaper than AirTags, which are $25 a pop. This is the lowest price this bundle has ever fallen to!

Apple AirTags four-pack

Apple AirTags four-pack

What's better than one AirTags? How about a four-pack at nearly 25% the regular price? There's also a sale on the AirTags one-pack

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