Ugreen Nexode 65W fast Power Adapter review: the frequent flyer

The perfect travel companion.

Ugreen Nexode 65W fast Power Adapter
(Image: © John-Anthony Disotto)

iMore Verdict

A fast-charging three-port charger with the added benefit of interchangeable country plugs. A great option for anyone looking for a one and done charging plug or for frequent flyers.


  • +

    Interchangeable plugs included in the box for easy travel

  • +

    65W fast-charging output

  • +

    USB-A for those pesky old cables you still need sometimes


  • -

    To understand power distribution, you need a good memory

  • -

    Charging output depends on what order you connect devices

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The Ugreen Nexode 65W fast Power Adapter has the kind of name that is often lost amongst the sea of charging options available on the market. But does a fast charger for your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or any other device need to be exciting? I don’t think so.

As its name suggests, the Ugreen Nexode 65W fast Power Adapter is a 65W Gallium Nitride (GaN) three-port charger with two USB-C ports and one USB-A providing fast-charging power in a compact size with interchangeable plugs for travel. As far as chargers go, it just works, and it works well.

UGreen 65W Nexode GaN charger

(Image credit: John-Anthony Disotto)

Ugreen Nexode 65W fast Power Adapter: Price and availability

The Ugreen Nexode 65W fast Power Adapter is available to order now via Amazon and the Ugreen website. The charger retails for $55.99/£49.99, although, at the time of writing, you can pick up a whopping 30% discount on Amazon US, bringing the total cost to $39 or a 10% discount on Amazon UK.

The price seems fair even without available discounts, especially when compared to Apple’s 67W USB-C Power Adapter, which costs $59/£69 for a single port and has no GaN benefits.

Ugreen Nexode 65W fast Power Adapter: What’s good?

What do you want from a charger? I want multiple ports and fast enough charging for any device, including my Steam Deck. Unfortunately, Apple’s USB-C Power Adapter has built-in security features that refuse to work properly with my Deck, meaning that the charging is slowed down, and the handheld PC actually loses energy as you play and charge.

The Ugreen Nexode 65W fast Power Adapter fixed my issue with playing and charging my Steam Deck straight out of the box, and I’ve been using it ever since. What’s even better is the ability to distribute power throughout the ports. As I write this review, I’ve placed my Steam Deck with Hollow Knight running and my iPhone 14 Pro on charge simultaneously.

Not only can I play a game and charge my device, but I can also charge my smartphone at the same time—a massive help for scatter-brained people like myself who constantly forget where the plugs are.

“And what even is GaN anyway?” You might ask. It’s a chemical formula of Gallium Nitride used in place of the more traditional silicon transistors. GaN technology allows for faster and more efficient power and will enable chargers to deliver higher wattages without overheating the charger. 

Ugreen says that the Ugreen Nexode 65W fast Power Adapter can charge a 13” MacBook Pro to 100% in less than 2 hours. While I’ve not been able to test that claim specifically, the charger has worked perfectly in all tests I’ve placed it under.

UGreen 65W Nexode GaN charger

(Image credit: John-Anthony Disotto)

The Ugreen Nexode 65W fast Power Adapter measures 65 x 65 x 33mm and weighs 340g. It’s compact but not the smallest charger on the market, so maybe don’t put it in your cargo pants. 

A huge selling point of the charger is the interchangeable plugs for different countries’ charging demands. In the box, you get US, UK, and EU connection points that are easily swappable by pressing the button at the top of the charger and sliding the attachment out. I can see myself using this charger all the time for vacations, with its tight package that does everything I need.

UGreen 65W Nexode GaN charger

(Image credit: John-Anthony Disotto)

The Ugreen also has the Power Delivery 3.0 fast charging protocol, which disperses the 65W intelligently across ports and devices depending on what you plug in. For example, using one of the USB-C ports outputs the total 65W. Using both gives the top port 20W and the bottom one 45W, all three with the USB-A splits 8.5w, 8.5w, and 45w. It’s a great feature that means you never have to worry about putting the charger or your devices under intense pressure.

Ugreen Nexode 65W fast Power Adapter: What’s not so good?

I really like the Ugreen Nexode 65W fast Power Adapter, but there’s one specific complaint that makes the charging experience more cumbersome than it needs to be. The Power Delivery 3.0 system I mentioned above is fantastic, but the charger gives no indication other than small images of devices to explain what port is best for what device. I’ve constantly been reaching for the user manual to check out the power distribution guide, and I just wish there were some outputs written on the product itself.

UGreen 65W Nexode GaN charger

(Image credit: Ugreen)

On occasion, when trying to charge my Steam Deck and iPhone 14 Pro simultaneously, the output to the Steam Deck was lower than the 45W I was hoping for, which meant that the Deck showed an alert for a slow charger. Removing the cables and plugging them in again solved the issue, but there is this constant doubt of whether or not something will charge as fast as you expect.

Another hindrance is the wattage in general. 67W is enough for smaller devices, but charging my MacBook Pro 16-inch took ages. This isn’t the intended use of a 67W charging brick, but keep note if you want one of these to charge a larger laptop.

Ugreen Nexode 65W fast Power Adapter: Competition

The market for GaN chargers is currently overflowing with all the big brands diving into the market. We recently reviewed the Shargeek Retro 67 GaN charger, which could be a great option if you want something more visually appealing and fun. However, it lacks the travel capabilities the Ugreen has to offer.

Ugreen Nexode 65W fast Power Adapter: Should you buy it?

Buy the Ugreen Nexode 65W fast Power Adapter if…

  • You travel regularly
  • You want a compact charger for multiple devices
  • You want to streamline your charging

Don’t buy the Ugreen Nexode 65W fast Power Adapter if…

  • You struggle to remember which port to use
  • You don’t need a USB-A
  • You only charge one device at a time

Ugreen Nexode 65W fast Power Adapter: Verdict

The Ugreen Nexode 65W fast Power Adapter is perfect for travelers who want a simple charging brick to carry around on their adventures. Despite the lack of clear legends on the device to explain which port gives which output, the charger is still an excellent choice for those wanting a no-frills GaN charger. This is the kind of product you buy and forget about – it just works.

John-Anthony Disotto
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