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The Sennheiser HD660 s are some of the most well-regarded audiophile headphones available now. These are not headphones you'll want to be using outside, oh no - with an open-back design and extremely articulate dynamic drivers, you'll find that you'll be able to hear everything in the outside world and everyone else riding the same bus as you will be able to hear that 300 song long boyband playlist you've been trying your best to keep secret for the last ten years. They are also now $200 off during the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale, making them a very affordable option for the budding audiphile.

Sennheiser HD660 S $200 off

Sennheiser HD660 S |$499now $299 at Amazon

Sennheiser HD660 S | $499 now $299 at Amazon

The perfect gift for anyone looking to join the halls of the audiophile, the HD 660 s are some of the most well regarded open-back headphones you can find. They're open back, so soundstage is open and wide, there's a more restrained lowend, so listening to them is a non-fatiguing experience, and they're extremely articulate, revealing parts of tracks that you probably have never noticed before. Don't go in expecting a pair of beats you can use on the train but something for listening to music on the couch with.

If you disregard the fact that these shouldn't be something you'd wear on the bus, you'll have one of the best auditory experiences this side of $1000. The open-back design means there will be less bass overall, but the soundstage will be open and wide, really putting you in the center of your music. Frequency response is very neutral across the board, so some may call them 'analytical' - they aren't supposed to be as warm and welcoming as others but really show you all the nuances of the music that you're listening to. Some may say they lack a certain degree of dynamism, instead giving you the music at hand exactly as it was likely mixed. Either way, they are some of the best headphones out there and will, without a shadow of a doubt, sound better than the AirPods Max.

If you want something to take on the bus, then we know where to find the best AirPods deals. Remember, the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale is going on for the next two days, and we'll be covering all the best deals we can find!

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