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What you need to know

  • Police in Portland were able to catch an armed robber thanks to an AirTag
  • A 39-year-old suspect took a phone and a wallet from a store after using a gun to demand money.
  • While on the run from the police, he stole a backpack from a hotel that happened to have an AirTag attached.

Police in Portland successfully tracked down and arrested an armed robber after he stole a backpack with an AirTag attached while on the run.

Katu 2 ABC reports that an armed robber entered a business premises on Thursday shortly before 12:40 pm, demanding money and pointing a gun at staff. The perp left with a phone and wallet after realizing there was no money in the cash drawer and was tracked by police using the cell phone to a nearby hotel.

The suspect entered and then left the hotel, before returning at around 5 pm. They ran inside, activated a fire alarm, and then appear to have escaped by way of a fire escape. However, while in the hotel the suspect made a costly error, breaking into a room and stealing a backpack that happened to have an AirTag attached:

A short time later, a guest in the hotel told police that someone had broken into his room and stole some items, including a distinct backpack, which had an Apple AirTag attached to it.

The suspect was tracked to North Portland thanks to the AirTag and was arrested after an on-foot chase later that day.

You can read the full report here.

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