Airtag Uk Shipping TimesSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • AirTag pre-orders are now live but delivery dates are already beginning to slip.
  • Ording a pack of four AirTags in the UK and Germany will see you waiting weeks for delivery.

Apple just made its AirTag item tracker available for pre-order with deliveries set to take place next week, April 30. But if you're ordering a four-pack and were a bit slow out of the gate, you're going to wait.

Horrific rhyme aside, the news is particularly interesting considering the single AirTag packs are still showing as having an April 30 delivery window. At the time of writing, ordering four AirTags from the UK and Germany will see you waiting weeks for delivery, while those in the United States are being told that they should expect delivery in 5-7 working days for the single-unit packs. Oddly, the four-pack still lists a delivery date of April 30.

You could look at all this and suggest that those in Europe are buying more four-packs than those in the United States, but that might be over-simplifying things a little bit. It's difficult to formulate any kind of meaningful opinion without knowing how many units were available.

But what we do know, is this – anyone wanting to order some AirTags should probably get an order in now if they want them on April 30.

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