Alcohoot's smartphone breathalyzer is now integrated with Apple HealthKit

Alcohoot. which launched a Bluetooth-based smartphone breathanlyzer accessory for the iPhone in 2013 is now integrating that hardware with Apple's HealthKit features in iOS 8.

Alcohoot says this new partnership will allow iPhone owners a way to track and record their blood alcohol content levels over time. It added:

No extra work is involved in transferring data from the free Alcohoot app to the HealthKit. Once a reading is recorded on the Alcohoot app it is immediately transferred over as a data point to Apple HealthKit. Alcohoot supports Apple HealthKit, so BAC results can be uploaded, viewed and tracked in either Alcohoot's mobile app or in conjunction with other health and wellness information through Apple HealthKit.

The breathalyzer is priced at $99.99 and can be bought at the Alcohoot website, along with nine Bloomingdales locations and 600 Target stores in the US.

Source: Alcohoot

John Callaham

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